Wii U tops Xbox 360 in Japan

By Matt Tran - Feb 27, 2014

Nintendo’s Wii U has something new to shout about after its lifetime sales topped that of the Xbox 360. Globally the Wii U has struggled to impose itself against consoles from the likes of Sony and Microsoft, having more joy on home soil instead.

In Japan the Wii U’s lifetime sales have been recorded at a little over 1,643,000, which has been enough to see the console surpass the Xbox 360. This can be considered a positive for Nintendo but in reality the Xbox 360 is still ahead of the Wii U in virtually every other region in terms of sales.

Nintendo announced earlier that they are shutting down online multiplayer for the Wii and DS, which could trigger a new spike in sales for the Wii U and 3DS. This decision from Nintendo was a surprising one, but also a ruthless and necessary one if they are going to make things work for their newer devices.

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in Japan last week which should shake up the games console situation over there. The PS4 Knack bundle has already sold over 310,000 units which gives an idea of the scale of the PS4’s popularity, or possibly the Wii U’s failings depending on which way you look at it.

Should Nintendo be proud of the Wii U overtaking the Xbox 360 in Japan or is it a meaningless accomplishment?

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