Titanfall resolution finalized below 1080p

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2014

With the Titanfall release date fast approaching this March, we are still at a stage where developers Respawn Entertainment have still not confirmed the final resolution of the game on Xbox One.

However, now we have confirmation that the game is definitely not going to be running at full 1080p HD resolution. Remember that we already gave you information that the Titanfall beta was running at a confirmed 792p only.

Now though, it looks like the game won’t be 1080p at launch. Respawn’s Vince Zampella has confirmed this in a Tweet below, although still not revealing what the final resolution will be – only saying that it won’t hit 1080p.

While this is obviously disappointing news for those hoping it would be 1080p at launch, we have to say that this is fairly expected news after finding out that the beta was only 792p.

Don’t forget that Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin also suggested months ago that Titanfall wouldn’t be 1080p on Xbox One, in defence to complaints about his own game, COD Ghosts not hitting the 1080p benchmark on Xbox One either.

Xbox One owners: With Titanfall due out on March 18, is this a huge problem for you that the game won’t be 1080p? Or were you expecting this after seeing other games follow the same fate?

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  • xp_kiler

    ..since when we buy games base on graphics?i bought both ps4 xbox1 I rather the x1 cause of the games it have and coming plus fonctionality,look at flappy bird the game suck and its horrible lokking yet it got millions of downloads

  • osterizer

    Doesn’t bother me any, if I based my game purchases solely on graphics I would have gone with a PS4… If the gameplay and story are good, the graphics don’t matter as much. Plus, it’s too early in the next gen’s life cycle to really see the full potential of each console.

  • Titanfail

    Haha. Enjoy that M$ bag of cash, Vince. If M$ paid me to play their games I might, but they don’t. But they pay devs to not develop on the PS4. I have heard of Pay to Win, before, but M$ have taken it to a new level. Shame on Respawn for being in it up to their necks. That stink don’t come off easily.

    • xp_kiler

      We dont care what businesses dovwith there cash to earn more once they deliver the goods to us to bad if you dont have an x1 you gona miss out on TITANFALL it might come to ps4 in 2018 or never

    • Mike Fish

      You cant Hate MS and not sony as well, or Nintendo, or sega, Nintendo makes companies sign 5+yr contracts from companies to keep them from developing on other consoles, Sony also pays companies to not develop ports or games for other companies, SO, before you become biased in your clouded universe you should know some facts first and realize THEY ALL DO IT, a game wouldn’t be called exclusive if the company allowed it to be released on another system now would it?