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Teslagrad is an attractive puzzle platformer coming to PS Vita

Rain Games recently announced that they intend to bring Teslagrad to the PlayStation Vita as this attractive looking puzzle platformer would be an ideal addition to the handheld. This could introduce PS Vita features to the game as the map might just get a touchscreen component.

In addition, we are also under the impression the developer is currently investigating the loading times with the intention of bringing them down. The game originally released in December 2013 available on Windows, OS X and Linux platforms and the PlayStation Blog highlights how this forthcoming PS3 title is also making its way to the handheld.

The game involves the use of magnetism and electromagnetic abilities to unravel the story of the last Teslamancer, who is your controlled player. As lead developer Peter Wingaard talks about this game being in the works for the PS3 he suggests that there has been a big demand for this title on both the PlayStation and the Vita.

Therefore, Rain Games officially announced the PlayStation Vita version of Teslagrad to be developed, and although we haven’t pinpointed an actual release date we understand that they are intending to develop this soon. Would you like to see Teslagrad as a cross-buy game sometime in the near future?



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