Pokemon X and Y Mega Latios, Latias gameplay

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2014

Just days after breaking the news about the existence of shiny Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y, it looks like we have something else of particular interest to you. Pokemon X and Y hacks seems to be back in the headlines, as now we have confirmation that Mega Latios and Mega Latias are running wild in the game.

These two new Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions have not been released by Game Freak or Nintendo yet in an official Pokemon X and Y event. Back in November, we told you that the game had been hacked which revealed that it was possible to get a Latiosite and Latiasite mega stone in the game.

Now, fast forward almost five months later and it looks like these two new Mega evolutions have been fully integrated in the game. Below we include gameplay evidence showing both of these new mega transformations in action.

Evidence of Mega Latias' move list.

Evidence of Mega Latias’ move list.

As expected, both Pokemon are Dragon / Psychic types after their respective evolutions. You can see a screenshot above which we’ve added which shows the Dragon Pulse ability for Mega Latias.

The big problem that some users have, is that Mega Latios and Mega Latias are already showing up in WiFi battles. However, as far as we’re aware we are not seeing the Latiasite and Latiosite stones up for trading just yet.

Now that both Pokemon are circulating in Pokemon X and Y, it will be interesting to see if it pushes forward their official release and what Game Freak and Nintendo must be thinking right now.

Have you seen either Mega Pokemon online in a random battle? Feel free to leave your Nintendo FC in case you’re up all night to get lucky on a Latiosite or Latiasite mega stone, once trading is allowed.

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  • yolo

    i think it is real

  • calebpenguin

    hacker probaly

  • Skylanderpokemonboys

    Maybe they could be hidden away in a secret place or roaming the wild with the mega stone!

  • Skylanderpokemonboys

    How do you get the Latiosite and the Latiosite?

    • lulu

      the guy in the video said that you have to buy a special edition 3DS…