Nook 2014 tablet Vs Kindle hopes

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2014

Are you ready to splash the cash on a new tablet in 2014? We have already seen Samsung play their hand with some ground-breaking tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 4 and Galaxy Note Pro series, but those who are looking for a cheaper option may be looking at movement in relation to new Kindle and Nook tablets in 2014.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that we now have the pleasing confirmation that a new Nook tablet is coming at least. The Nook HD+ was well received among consumers, but now we could see an upgrade to that model which could genuinely challenge the popular and front-running Kindle Fire HDX.

In a recent earnings call, Barnes & Noble have confirmed that a new tablet will release in Spring 2014. No further details on tablet specifics were revealed, but we do know that it will be a ‘color’ Nook tablet, which is exciting.

With their rivals already outperforming the Nook HD+ in many ways, there is obvious pressure on Barnes & Noble to come up with a tablet that features hardware specs that can at least compete.

Are you expecting big things from the 2014 Nook?

Are you expecting big things from the 2014 Nook?

Considering that the Nook HD+ only came with a dual-core processor compared to the Kindle Fire HDX which had a quad-core chip, consumers will obviously be expecting the next Nook to be quad-core based.

1GB of RAM will also not cut it either on today’s market, so hopefully we will be looking at an upgrade to 2GB of RAM to match what the Kindle Fire HDX offers at the moment.

Having said that, there’s also a possibility that Amazon will offer a Kindle Fire HDX 2014 upgrade, which would excite fans further considering how impressive specs are on the current model.

It is early days yet though of course, so hopefully we will see official details on the 2014 Nook soon. If you are a consumer who has always liked the Nook range, let us know what you would like to see from Barnes & Noble, to really increase the competition a notch against the Kindle.

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  • Shannan

    I love my Nook HD+. That being said since the Android marketplace was added it has performed sluggishly. You asked what I want so I will tell you. 🙂 I want a quad core and the highest RAM I can get. I want to keep everything I have, read in store, Android marketplace, HD quality and so on. I want the Nook Store to be able to be viewed landscape and load faster. I want the wish list to be fixed and not so buggy. I want…I want…I want…Overall I love my reader. I have it because I love to read not because I need a tablet. I like that I can do other things like watch movies and play games but primarily I love ti because I love to read. I like the Nook over the Fire because I use the read in store and, well, I just like having a store to go to.