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iOS 8 update emphasis on Touch ID

As we look forward to Apple’s inevitable iOS 8 update later in 2014, what new iOS 8 features are you expecting to see from the company? The recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes with a fingerprint scanner may put added pressure on Apple to ease up restrictions on Touch ID usage for developers.

We fully expect Apple to go all out now and convince consumers that the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 is the device you need to buy this year ahead of the Galaxy S5 which is getting all of the limelight right now in Barcelona.

One complaint of iOS 7.1 though, is that Apple has restricted the use of their Touch ID finger print scanner and have not allowed developers to play around and develop apps that specifically feature Touch ID input.

It’s now a fact that the Galaxy S5 features a finger print scanner, but Samsung has the major difference in that they are allowing developers full access to their technology – perhaps giving Samsung the edge over Apple right now in this department.

The benefits of developer customization is there for all to see. Aside from the mobile payment type of apps that could benefit immensely from Touch ID support, developers could also find out fun ways to use Touch ID for users on iOS 8 should it become available.

It’s a no brainer decision for Apple to make now that Samsung are giving developers access, so hopefully we will see this as just one of the key changes with iOS 8, compared to iOS 7 which has just been updated to iOS 7.0.6 just days ago.

Remember that Apple are highly likely to release a new iPad in 2014 as well, one which will come with iOS 8 pre-installed. This means that the rumored iPad Pro could have a Touch ID sensor as well, giving developers the opportunity to make use of a Touch ID API for iPad as well – which would be fantastic in our opinion.

Would you agree that more Touch ID based-apps is a great idea for the iOS 8 update? Let us know what kind of iPad apps you would want to see which implements Touch-ID.



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