COD Ghosts Onslaught problems with Season Pass

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2014

Earlier on we told you that the COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC was going live for PS3, PS4 and PC owners. Now we can confirm that the new COD Ghosts DLC is available to download from the PS Store, but there appears to be a major problem with those trying to download Onslaught with a COD Ghosts Season Pass.

In reality, Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass holders on PS3 and PS4 are not very happy at all. In a nutshell, it looks like an error has been made, in which the PS Store is still trying to charge Season Pass owners for Onslaught, when obviously they should be getting the content for free.

As far as we’re aware, this is happening on both the PS3 and PS4 store and is happening in all regions worldwide as well. Aside from the fact that the PS Store is asking for a payment with the Season Pass, we have also heard from you that the Onslaught download is simply unavailable full stop if you have the Season Pass.

For those that don’t have a pass, the Onslaught download appears to be working as normal. Hopefully Sony are working on correcting this error as we speak, so everyone can get to playing the new maps, as well as the new Nightfall Extinction map as soon as possible.

Take a look at what some unhappy Season Pass owners have been saying about the COD Ghosts Onslaught PS3 and PS4 release on Twitter in our included Tweets.

If you really want to, you could also sit through over 1,000 comments from our readers who are telling us about their personal problems with getting the Onslaught download to work.

Simple question: Do you have the content yet and have you had any problems downloading Onslaught with a Season Pass?

We’ll update this when we have word from Sony or Infinity Ward regarding this problem.

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  • Tammy Standridge

    I downloaded the maps as soon as they came out…The only place I can find them is in bots….can someone tell me why and is anyone else even playing the new maps?

  • Caizerker

    Is it possible to Download this on multiple PS4s like you could with other DLCs?

  • jhon

    do you guys go through the in game store?

  • Mr Gross

    The DLC changed all ( mine and my other 2 sons) the profiles on my PS3 to my sons account it basically erased all my squad points (1000) all my unlocked content (10 squad members/ Camo’s and all) and reset my level to prestige 1 lvl 29 (prestige 6 lvl 55). Now I have to start all over again with a .4k/d and a .6 w/l because my sons doesn’t even play PS3 he only plays Xbox…Thanks a lot Sony

    • Jacob

      happened to me also , its Activisions servers. If you play onPS4 then play on PS3 and go back to PS4 it eeases all your stats

      • Mr Gross

        Do you think it can be fixed or am I screwed?

  • Trabelus Whitfield

    I purchased the season pass tonight, then went straight to the map pack section and downloaded it for free. I even got to hear the Halloween music as Michael Myers is now a once per game character via field order on the map “Fog.” Pretty cool when you hear the Halloween music…But yeah, no problems downloading for me.

    • murtaza

      if you bought the onsalught will you be able to buy the season pass

  • SixRaven

    I didn’t have the season pass and was unable to even download it after purchasing. paid for it about 30 minutes before midnight and it still was not available by noon the next day. it showed me as having purchased it but there was no option to download it at all. by late afternoon it seemed to be all good

  • For real

    I could download it at the store and it was for free, with the season pass

  • Denbus

    I have the season pass, and onslaught wasn’t listed on the PS store, but it was available through the in-game store link. I downloaded it and installed it without any problems, but I dying have time to try playing to see if it all worked until tomorrow.

    Hope this helps those that can’t find the download.

    • Denbus

      *don’t, not dying. Swype messed up

  • SirBroiler

    I had no problem downloading but in gameplay not once had a new map loaded. Has anyone actually played a team deathwatch on a new map yet??

    • Ryan Kosior

      There’s a completely separate lobby for it, you have to choose onslaught instead of TDM, and it just cycles through the new maps and different map types. I wish they would put it into the main lineup though, cuz I don’t feel like having to play S&D

    • Tammy

      The only way I’ve played any of the new maps is on bots…..what’s up with that

  • pcav89

    Its downloading now. We should get some free dlc for the mess up when Xbox players get everything early and problem free.

    • xboxwonhereo

      If you want a free dlc cause of the mess up, your sol. Sony sucks. There care less if your dlcs are there or not.

      • JoshG619

        Do you even have a ps4? You can’t talk about one system if you only have the other. I have both and ps4 is a billion times better than xBone. Enjoy playing even your exclusive titles in 720. I think people need to download the pack through the in – game store and not through ps4 psn store since that is how it has always worked having to put you through the Activision server first with your pass.

  • JMH

    Just got back and went back on the in-game store and a new menu slot has been added called “Map Packs” which includes the DLC at £0.00 (because I have season pass). Downloading now, not sure if there will be any problems from then.

  • blair

    no problems here