WWE Network app Nintendo sadness

Earlier on this week we told you that consumers were suffering from WWE Network app login problems, especially on Xbox 360 where users continued to be greeted by error messages. Now though, we switch our attention to those with a Wii U console, as it looks like Nintendo has been completely ignored – not for the first time.

As you probably are already aware, the WWE Network is now live and the app is available to download on the PS4, PS3 as well as Xbox 360. We spoke about the Xbox One delay in a previous article here, but we can already see that many consumers are very unhappy that the Wii U and all other Nintendo systems have been overlooked.

Right now, there is no explanation from the WWE or Nintendo on why the app is available on other consoles, but not for Nintendo. Are WWE simply under the impression that there wouldn’t be anyone willing to subscribe on Wii U compared to other platforms?

Evidence below suggests that this isn’t the case though and that there is still plenty of demand to get a WWE Network app on Wii U and other Nintendo systems like the 3DS and Wii.

Hopefully WWE will have a rethink and discuss with Nintendo about plans to offer their app on the Wii U. Unfortunately though at this point, it looks like all Nintendo fans are going to miss out on a Wrestlemania 30 live stream through WWE Network.

Are you someone who would also like to see a WWE Network app for Nintendo and shocked that it isn’t available? Get in touch with us below with your thoughts on this.



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