Twitch Plays Pokemon includes bots

Once again the Twitch Plays Pokemon event is making the headlines, but once again perhaps not for the right reasons. After we told you that trolls were signing up to spam commands, it looks like trolls have evolved to participate in a much more sinister activity.

We can tell you that hardcore fans are still trying their hardest to obtain all badges as a collective effort, ignoring the persistent trolls in attempt to complete the game and mark Twitch Plays Pokemon as a huge success.

Having said that, we bring you some news that some naughty users are using new methods to make the game even more frustrating for legit players. It’s become apparent that Twitch Plays Pokemon bots are in circulation, with users being able to set up spam bots to input commands non-stop while not even being at the computer.

It seems a bit laughable to think that someone would go out of their way to create scripts for such a simple game on Twitch, but yet again we continue to be amazed with those willing to go down this route.

Luckily, it hasn’t defeated morale just yet, as we can see that the player count on Twitch is still as high as ever – with the finish line now in sight.

Have you spotted some unusual activity on the Twitch stream lately? Let us know your thoughts on some users resorting to Twitch Plays Pokemon chat bots.



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