iOS 7.0.6 problems after update

By Alan Ng - Feb 26, 2014

Apple may have just gone live with the iOS 7.0.6 update for iPhone and iPad, but we are already hearing from some of you that there are some iOS 7.0.6 problems that are ruining the fun. Specifically, we’ve heard in some extreme cases that the iOS 7.0.6 update has bricked iPhones and iPads.

It sounds scary, but luckily it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem. Apple’s sole fix with iOS 7.0.6 is a security update that provides a fix for ‘SSL connection verification’.

While some average users may overlook this as another minor update, it appears that those with technical insight are under the impression that Apple has finally managed to issue a fix for a major security risk.

Upon installation of iOS 7.0.6 though, some users have been greeted with issues. A Tweet below tells the story of one user who said that both his iPad and iPhone went ‘bonkers’ after installing iOS 7.0.6.

Another outcry from one user thankfully reported no such problems with her own update, but did reference the fact that other users have seen bricked devices after installing, which obviously isn’t good at all.

Apple has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but it will be interesting to see if the situation with alleged ‘bricked’ devices escalates further.

Are you having any iOS 7.0.6 problems after installing? Get in touch with us below.

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  • Christine

    Updated my phone and lost ability to make calls for two days, also lost data including songs and ring tones. My daughter updated hers and lost all speaker mode and phone not responding to her voice requests. Update is 7.0.6

  • Christina

    Updated my iPhone and it won’t play any music that I didn’t download from iTunes from my phone.

  • Eric

    Updated to 7.0.6 and now i can’t play music, my battery life is half what it used to be, when my phone is connected to itunes it turns off and on constantly, and lastly the screen dims to the lowest setting when it feels like it. Worst upgrade ever!

  • Kurt

    It just bricked my phone. Spent three hours on the phone with tech trying to reset, hard reset, restore, it’s a brick. Don’t update to 7.0.6

  • GJH

    within my family we have an iPhone 4S and iPad 3 with no sound although incoming calls and setting volume when selecting ringtones work and an IPad 3 with no sound, IPad mini ok though. I can’t believe Apple seem to try and blame this on defective hardware when there is such a range of impacted equipment, and the fact that iTunes prevents downgrades adds insult to injury, and option to downgrade defective software should always be available

  • adjoa

    It bricked my phone….
    tells me to connect to itunes, I do & it makes me restore it
    awesome right?

    • cafe

      Hi. Did you solve that problem. I got the same problem with my Ipad

  • Cory

    My iphone5 won’t charge! It indicates that it is charging, but it never turns on. I’ve tried to charge it on the outlet and using the USB on the computer. I downloaded the update last night.

  • tootalluk

    My 4S after the update has lost sound in calls the rest of the phone works normally all speakers and mic’s work fine with everything else i.e. face time recorder playback etc but when you call it doesn’t work with ear speaker loud speaker or head set im hoping the next update will fix this

  • Stun

    My iPhone 4 is almost worthless after the iOS 7.0.6 update last Friday. Notifications stopped working. I also get the annoying “connect to iTunes” banner every few seconds (doing so fixes nothing). Can no longer send or receive texts to other iPhone users (kind of problem as most of my clients are iPhone users & this is how we communicate). I know there 4 new iPhone models since mine but it was in perfect condition & without issue prior to this update.

  • Bad Kitty

    After update my iphone 4 is stuck on “connect to iTunes” logo. I am at work and do not have access to iTunes so my phone is useless.

  • Tom

    After updating my iPhone 4S is hot to touch and will not open any apps including messages and basic iPhone apps. It tries for a few seconds and then crashes. The battery is also dying really fast.

  • Ishita Mediratta

    My iPhone 5s boots with the apple logo and then shuts down and this thing continues …
    pls help

  • Jim

    after installing latest update phone froze and won’t let me enter password

  • Ed A

    updated 4s with 7.0.6 and the screen has become unstable. It shifts at the slightest touch and pushes the visual area outside the boundaries of the window makeing it difficult to type text, unlock the device, etc. Very unhappy with this upgrade. (sigh)

  • Rmundhenk

    My iPhone 4s is bricked after updating to 7.0.6. Halfway through restoring it through iTunes it comes up with an ‘unknown error (1).’ I took it in to the apple store, and they said they didn’t know what that error was, but that they would sell me a replacement phone for $199 + tax. After pressing them on it being their fault, and hoping they would take full responsibility, they said that perhaps it just highlighted a prior issue with my phone, and since it was no longer under warranty they weren’t obliged to do anything more about it. I’m very close to moving away from Apple completely, this is utterly ridiculous. No matter who it is that breaks your device, they are responsible for it, how much more so when it is the manufacturers themselves who break it!

  • Nicola

    After update the touch screen keypad for texting is very hard to read – light grey letters on light grey background. Is there a fix for this? (other than new glasses)

  • rsqadi

    My iphone 4s is bricked after updating to 7.0.6. to be honest my 5 did not have any problems with updating to the latest ios version.

  • lcicenine

    I updated iPod, iPad, and Mac. All are working fine.

  • kris

    After upgrade,touch screen have mind of its own.

    • NgTurbo

      Care to elaborate kris?

      • Jim

        After updating to 7.0.6 last night on my 4s I am no longer receiving or sending emails. Keep getting message “the connection to the server failed.”