Ghostbusters 3 like GTA V on PS4, Xbox One

- Feb 26, 2014

Following the news that a Ghostbusters 3 movie will still go ahead after the late Harold Ramis passed away, it seems very likely that a Ghostbusters 3 video game will release along with the movie on PS4 and Xbox One. We loved playing the PS3 game and also Sanctum of Slime, so it seems too much of an opportunity to miss a next-gen title with much better graphics and fans would love an open world setting like Grand Theft Auto V.

This very topic has been discussed in a number of forums and fans want to see a new Ghostbusters game on Xbox One and PS4, but point to the mistakes of previous releases and how the last game didn’t make a lot of money due to costs involved with its development.

Ghostbusters 3 game set like GTA V on PS4, Xbox One – we have seen many wish lists for the next Ghostbusters video game and hearing the movie is going ahead only adds to the chances of a next-gen game releasing. There won’t be original cast voices, this will keep costs down, but the game could be much more successful than most movie games if it has good online play with an open sandbox plus missions.

One Product Reviews reader explained their ideal setting, “It would be really awesome to see a GTA V type open world with the next Ghostbusters video game, and I would really like to be able to explore a whole city just like you do in GTA V. Add in bounty’s, Ghosts, plenty of missions and some cool weapons then we could have something really special”. Another added, “The Ghostbusters 3 movie going ahead will bring a video game, how successful it will be really depends on who developers it, but they have the power of PS4 and Xbox One now. It has to be good on the next-gen consoles”.

Would you love to see a video game join the Ghostbusters 3 movie launch, and if so what would be your ideal setting on PS4 and Xbox One?

Bottom-line: If we saw a Ghostbusters version of GTA V, it would be a day one purchase for us and even though Grand Theft Auto is amazing, there’s still room for improvement with a Ghostbusters open world game.

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  • Jason Bowen

    The Ghostbuster 2009 game was good. Just took a hit to graphics on the PS 3. So, I would really want a PS 4 version.


    this will be more likely Saint Row 4 style.

  • cameroncollierscott

    I real enjoyed the xbox 360 Ghostbusters game. I wish they would release an HD version for next-gen consoles. That game had original cast member voices.
    Still I’m looking forward to this.

  • I could see that kinda working. It might be fun.

  • jzgames11

    A good Ghostbusters game would be most welcome.

    • Guest

      Key word being “good.”

  • KiT

    If the Ghostbusters 3 move happens, then a PS4/Xbox 1 title is a no-brainer. I love the open world idea, but it needs to be done right.

  • Joe

    This would be amazing, I love GTA V but I like Ghostbusters more. Combine the two, PLEASE!