Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta ends in 5 days

By Alan Ng - Feb 26, 2014

How are you all getting on with the Final Fantasy 14 beta on PS4 at the moment? Hopefully some of you have got past the well documented Final Fantasy 14 beta login problems that some were experiencing, as the game once you get in is arguably the best that the PS4 has to offer at the moment.

Now, we give you a brief heads-up, with a reminder that the Final Fantasy XIV beta ends in 5 days. Remember that this is phase 1 only, as Square-Enix are already planning a second test in April.

We told you about this in detail in an previous article here, with the end date of Phase 1 officially scheduled for March 3rd. The most important thing to remember though is that your character will be wiped at the end of Phase 1, but those created in Phase 2 this April will carry over to the final release.

It’s also worth the time to play the game on PS4 if you have been enjoying the PS3 version, as Square-Enix has already promised a fantastic upgrade for just $10.

On top of that, you won’t need a PS Plus subscription to play the game as the PS4 system treats the game as an MMO – a genre of games that won’t need PS Plus entry, just your Final Fantasy 14 subscription.

As phase 1 comes to a close in five days, let us know your experiences of the Final Fantasy 14 beta so far. Are you blown away with what you have seen and will definitely subscribe, or have you had problems with the game in any way?

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  • devin

    really sucks that phase 2 is a month wait, phase 1 was such a tease.

  • riddick

    I had lots of fun…. Yes hard to read the text and trying to type to talk to ppl is very hard with out a key board lol

  • ffx4life

    the beta is pretty good, the only problem that i’m having is with the font size they need to change it, its very difficult playing through remote play.

    • ffx4life

      Also more voice over, specially on the main quest, it takes the fun out of it to read everything.

  • nate

    im having a problem getting past the first time set up it says error has accored whats up with that

  • Smokinjoe

    The game is free to upgrade from ps3 to ps4 there is no $10 fee.

  • felix poblete

    Soooo… ill be lose all my stuff and level of my character!??

    • Bl4ckH4nd

      From Phase 1, yes. This was said before the Beta started though. When you play in beta Phase 2, you will keep everything when the game releases officially.