COD Ghosts Onslaught PS4, PS3 release time

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2014

It is that time again folks, where COD Ghosts players on PS3, PS4 and PC can finally look forward to the first DLC content for the game. Everybody is looking for a COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC release time on PS4, PS3 and PC, but it looks like some users may already have the content right now.

As far as we’re aware, Onslaught is not out yet in the US. It is already live though in Australia and some parts of Europe, as you can see via the included Tweets below.

Strangely though, it looks like COD Ghosts PS4 Season Pass users may have to wait longer than those without a pass if you can believe that, as some Season Pass users are telling us that they cannot see the content just yet.

Remember that Onslaught is the map pack that will finally allow PS4, PS3 and PC owners to play as Mike Myers on the Fog map. It will also give you a brand new Extinction map to play called Nightfall, which has been available on Xbox for a month.

Let us know where you are and if you are already downloading Onslaught on your system. Do any of our US readers have Onslaught yet?

UPDATE: Now live in Asia, should be going live any moment for everyone else.

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  • lost

    i down loaded it and nothing.

  • Ohio1977

    I can’t get it ohio

  • DnL_Zar

    Nvm i checked and i can get it YAY!!!!

  • DnL_Zar

    For real because i really want it so badly!!

  • DnL_Zar

    Guys is it out everywhere???

  • dark

    You’re supposed to not have to buy it twice

  • Joey

    Have the Xbox1 and PS4 finally downloading for PS4… kinda sucks that if i want the onslaught on the PS3 too i have to pay another $15… digging the Xbox1 over the PS4 thus far.

    • Jon Moore

      Xbox 1 blows the D

  • Kayla Marie


  • dudedude

    Maverick is the best, both sniper and ar.

  • dudedude

    been on fr about an hour. SICKNESS!!

  • 66%

  • It’s up, downloading for PS3 and PS4

  • xdrabbit

    Im live UT

    • DnL_Zar

      So do i

  • Shawn

    It’s up in mn

  • blair

    dwonloading map pack finally

  • rubberducky0

    downloading in SC.. glad i got 50mbps dl speed :)))))

  • Akromedo

    downloading finally for ps3 season pass. I live in California. Actually since its 12pm that is apparently a regular time for psn to update their network hopefully infinity ward will tell us that next time or we can just remember lol.

  • ruben

    Its out in texas

  • Ghost-420

    70% installed lets goooooo

  • travis j lee

    I was able to download it on PS3, Season Pass holder, MN (USA).

    I launched the game, clicked map packs, and went through the typical purchase process, though it said it was $0.00 for the download. About 20 seconds left for me.

  • xdrabbit

    Utah in, downloading 30 min. if u see just diamonds spinning at the in-game store, click through and download. 1.1 GB file.

  • Willie A (PSN: bassline_2013)

    Update: I paid for onslaught, but on PS4 when I went to it, it said “FREE”
    WTF!?!? Did I really waste $15?? Or is it just saying that because it’s ready paid for?

    • xdrabbit

      cause u already paid. same 4 me.

  • Gabriel Alfaro


  • NastyWitiT

    About time

    • Assmunch23

      Ur so retarded

  • Maine

    Add me ps4 mainew23

  • Aaron Prairie

    Mine is downloading now canada on est

  • Nate Blakemore

    Push buy on onslaught doesn’t matter from where it’s available

  • Cdawg

    Finally…its here!!!

    • Assmunch23

      Over a month ago stupid dik