Call of Duty: Elite service shuts down this week

A double XP session is available to members as this week sees the Call of Duty: Elite service close this Friday 28th February. The period of double XP will mark this as the service shuts down for good, which will be the end of the competitive and social network and Activision made the announcement last night.

The service will close at about 10am PST this Friday and has been replaced with the official Call of Duty app, which emerged at the same time as Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Activision thanks all their members and have offered two hours of double XP who has been signed in to the service since the first day of this year, and the publisher states that the double XP rewards will surface on member’s profiles soon.

On the Activision website readers can see the recent announcement with both questions and answers about this; therefore, we would love to know if you are still using the Elite service and your thoughts about this disappearing?



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