WWE Network login problems, Xbox One delay

By Alan Ng - Feb 25, 2014

The highly anticipated WWE Network app has now gone live, allowing millions of wrestling fans to get a 24/7 fix of content in return for $9.99 subscription fee. Unfortunately though, it looks like many users have been experiencing frequent WWE Network login problems.

The WWE Network app is available on a variety of platforms, including PS4 and Xbox 360. WWE are promising to offer live PPV events as part of the price, including the ability to watch Wrestlemania 30 live.

Firstly though, the WWE Network needs to be stable, but some of you have contacted us to inform that there is some initial login problems preventing access.

We can confirm that users on Xbox 360 have experienced login problems as seen in the Tweet below, displaying an WWE Network unrecognized password error, despite inputting in the correct details.

It’s not just Xbox users who are having issues either, as it looks like the WWE Network PS4 app is having the same problem too. Hopefully it is just general teething problems and WWE will have everything running smoothly by the weekend.

For those asking about a WWE Network Xbox One release date, we can confirm that the Xbox One version has in fact been delayed until the Summer. There is no real explanation for this, but it does seem somewhat strange given the fact that the app is working fine on Xbox 360.

Have you subscribed to WWE Network? Let us know your experience with using the app so far and if you have encountered any of the login problems as described above.

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  • Michael Decker

    I am having problem recently with my Xbox One where the internet just messes up after 45 min or so, but it’s only happening to the Xbox One cause Laptop never loses internet.

  • LeeAnna

    password will not work on my galaxy5 or my laptop wwe sends me a new password and they don’t work either therefore I m paying 9.99 a month for nothing..

  • Matthew Callins

    My login works fine on the Xbox 360, however I just purchased the Xbox One and am really disappointed that the network app is not available. I’m still trying to figure out what is so next gen about a console that doesn’t even do what it predecessor does.

  • Guest

    ugh same login problem for me on xbox 360, they need to fix this soon otherwise i wasted $10, i was looking foward to wrestlemania too.

  • Kawika

    Just spoke with an agent and they said there was no timeframe on fixing the xbox 360 log in issue. They are aware of it but I guess it’s not important enough for them to fix. They said just use another device…I DON’T WANT TO!

  • alex

    Still not working on xbox. I can log in on the laptop, but the on demand lags and often gets stuck loading for a long long time. I have to look in when i can cancel this before getting sucked in for six months. I get theres kinks but pretty much nothing works, what have they been working on for the past year. Did they even test this before the release?

  • shaaaakezula .

    STILL not working though xbox one or 360 werfuighwrguihwrgihgr!!!! grrrrr

    • pissedatwwe

      Same here! I didn’t get this to watch it on my laptop! #wwenetwork360problems

      • shaaaakezula .

        I even deleted the app..re downloaded it..still nothing so im paying to watch this from my tablet? fck all that..I better get 2 days credit!