Wii U update 4.0.3 live

By Matt Tran - Feb 25, 2014

Nintendo has released update 4.0.3 for the Wii U which is now live, enhancing user experience and bringing system stability. The Wii U update is a big one and brings a number adjustments and improvements to Nintendo’s struggling console.

Wii U Chat has been made better, users can now view friend profiles on Miiverse when making or receiving a call, in addition to being able to chat using a headset connected to the Wii U GamePad. The web browser has also been improved, users can save their usernames and passwords on websites, PDF files can now be opened, viewers are able to rewind and skip video and some social media integration has also been added with 4.0.3.

Additional features have been implemented to the system, such as improvements to the Nintendo eShop, download management, Miiverse, friends list, USB storage device features and notifications. You can see the full update notes that Nintendo has released here, are these added features things that you have wanted to see changed?

Nintendo reportedly expressed an interest in launching another update this summer which speeds up the start up menu process. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes the 20 second wait that players have to endure significantly impairs the simplicity of the console.

What other kinds of issues do you have with the Wii U which you would like to see fixed?

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  • William Hood

    My biggest thing is the waiting for menus and games to load, if they can fix that, I would be very happy…