Titanfall Collector’s Edition Atlus Titan exposed

We have a treat for Titanfall fans now, especially those who are planning to go all out and pick up the Titanfall Collector’s Edition. Respawn has given the perfect preview of the package now, with an official Titanfall Collector’s Edition unboxing which shows off the grand prize Titan figure.

Firstly, we should let you know straight away that the Collector’s Edition isn’t cheap. The Titanfall Collector’s Edition price will be set at $250, which is already more than most of you will be willing to pay for the game.

For that premium price though, Respawn are not messing around. They are including a 19-inch Atlus Titan statue, which has been handcrafted from over 300 individual parts to give you an idea of the effort that has gone into this.

The statue also features battery-powered LED lighting to make your Titan stand out on the shelf and you’ll see that there’s two included grunts which you can attach to the base of the statue – as shown in the video below.

Also included in the box is a Titanfall art book, a copy of the game obviously and a giant Titan poster with schematics for the Titan statue design.

You can see Vince Zampella and co unbox the massive beast in the clip below. Is this package worth $250 in your opinion though? Let us know what you think below.



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