Samsung Gear 2 and Neo hands-on, Fit the oddity

Samsung are not listening to all those analysts who say the likes of smartwatches do not have a long future because they have recently unveiled 3 new wearable devices, the Gear 2, Neo and Fit. While the first two are full-on smartwatches, the latter is a bit of an oddity, which we’ll get to a little later.

Having already informed you that the Gear 2 has dropped the Galaxy moniker and has chosen not to go with Android this time round, we are able to get a general idea of the direction Apple will go in with its iWatch. Samsung has offered something for everyone, such as the Gear 2 for fashion, Gear Neo for functionality and the Fit for fitness.

We have two hands-on videos of the Samsung Gear 2, Neo and Fit below, which will give you a greater insight into these three products. However, after watching these videos we came to the conclusion that the Gear Fit is unlike the other two and for that reason is a bit of an oddball.

Its display is much narrower and also curved because it is made for health and fitness, whereas the other two have much more to offer. This isn’t a bad thing though because the Fit is the more attractive Gear device, one that could be fully embraced.

Which if the three would you rather have and why?



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