iWatch potential after Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has officially made the first move after announcing the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to the world just days ago. Now, attention has naturally shifted to Apple who are surely under pressure to answer their rivals with the long rumored Apple iWatch in 2014.

We know that the Samsung Gear 2 will release as soon as April, but we still have no idea when Apple will choose to announce and unleash their worst kept secret over the last year.

Most consumers are under the impression that an iWatch is real and on the way, but it remains to be seen when Apple will come out of hiding and confirm that an iWatch is coming, especially with so many other new products on the way – including the iPhone 6, a possible iPad Pro and maybe even an Apple TV.

One big rumor that has come to light recently, is that the iWatch is reportedly going to have a big emphasis on personal healthcare and fitness, with a possible iOS 8 app called Healthbook introduced with the iWatch as a primary feature.

We have just seen Samsung announce the Gear 2 with a built in heart-rate sensor and pedometer, so is this effectively an indication that fitness and health will be the main ingredient, as the two wearable pieces of tech battle it out towards the end of the year and throughout the busy holiday season?

As you can see from the Tweet above, consumers are already looking forward to seeing how Apple can compete with the Gear 2 after Samsung’s announcement, so it really is exciting times.

The above image is a concept of course, but would you love the real iWatch to look something along those lines? Samsung has sent out the message to Apple, so let us know what your expectations are for the iWatch.

How do you see the battle of the smart watches ending up?



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