Elder Scrolls Online beta code giveaway

If you were previously uninterested in Elder Scrolls Online, now is the time to increase your interest in the game. The Elder Scrolls Online beta is about to start and we have several ways in which you can obtain an Elder Scrolls Online beta key on PC.

We also have one key to giveaway to a lucky user as well, although we have a feeling that most of you will have already obtained your beta key. This time around it appears to be much easier to get into the Elder Scrolls Online beta, than compared to say Titanfall which was initially very restricted.

We can tell you that the Elder Scrolls Online beta start time will be Friday February 28 at 5pm GMT, running until the Elder Scrolls Online beta end time on Monday March 3rd at 4.59am GMT.

The beta will be available on PC and once you get your code, you’ll need to sign-up for an ESO account here if you haven’t already, then follow the details to download the beta client.

For a big chance on entering the beta, you may want to visit Eurogamer and VG247. All you need to do is leave them your email address and you have a chance of winning a code.

Alternatively though, we have one code to give away to one user. If you want to win it, leave a comment below and tell us your expectations of the game, compared to Skyrim.

Are you willing to pay a monthly fee for this game or not?



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