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Deus Ex: The Fall PC release exactly one month away

Deus Ex: The Fall released on iOS in 2012 and braced Android more recently, but we are unsure whether Square Enix will be entertaining the idea of further ports. Their latest confirmation that it will indeed be coming to the PC next month has given some fans reason to question whether other platforms will be considered in the future.

According to a list of features compiled by Square, Deus Ex: The Fall will have no in-game purchase options and a revised tutorial, as well as 28 Steam achievements. In addition, there will be full mouse and keyboard optimization, an adjusted AI, Microsoft controller support, a rebalanced game economy and the removal of auto target options.

With the discovery of The Fall images on Steam, this has added speculation about whether the game will be available on Steam and Square Enix has confirmed this to be true on their blog. Apparently, it will cost €9.99, $9.99 or £7.99 and this also entitles the user to the original Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, which is totally free.

Confirmation of Deus Ex: The Fall coming to Steam is documented on the NeoGAF page, and although we are still unsure whether other platforms will be contemplated, PC owners will be able to obtain the game through Steam from the 25th March. Are you looking forward to next month’s arrival of Deus Ex: The Fall adapted for the PC? Maybe you feel that a title like this would be better suited to a handheld console like the PS Vita.



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