COD Ghosts graphics in 3K stuns fans

By Alan Ng - Feb 25, 2014

While COD Ghosts is a solid effort and follow up to Black Ops 2, we are still seeing complaints that the next-gen graphics on PS4 and Xbox One versions are not up to scratch. Now though, we give you one artist’s impression of how COD Ghosts would look like, with staggering 3K resolution graphics instead.

Most of you are probably tired of the endless 1080p Vs 720p resolution war that is going on right now, but don’t forget the fact that a lot of PCs can already boast much higher resolutions with a lot of games.

1080p native may be the benchmark right now for next-gen consoles, but there will a time when we are looking at 4k console resolutions as a minimum in the years to come.

To give you an idea of the boost in quality that this kind of spectacular upgrade can offer, feast your eyes on a collection of 3K COD Ghosts screenshots that have been provided courtesy of Reddit user Zhrooms.

Does this look familiar to you?

Does this look familiar to you?

Some of the familiar environments that you are used to playing on almost look unrecognisable after the upgrade. Especially have a look at this one which we have picked out specifically for you.

You can view the full collection in the link above. PC owners will be able to get closer to these kinds of graphics with the best hardware, but obviously it is mouth-watering stuff for console players who won’t see this level of quality for years to come.

Does it excite you when thinking about gaming in true 4K resolution one day?

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  • nester7929

    It looks good, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ghosts is terribly designed. The spawns are laughable, maps are uninspired, and several decent features have been removed for no reason. Can’t wait for Titanfall.

  • Skidoosh

    Ah yes this 4k image looks amazing on my 960×640 iphone screen, i bet it would look even better on my 1080p tv 🙂

    Seriously though theres no point looking at a 4k image on anything but a 4k display and until there the norm it makes articles like this (even more) pointless, also i never played cod so nothing to compare it to, but the 1st image does look better than vanilla skyrim imo 🙂

  • Hmm

    Stuns fans? Ok.. Looks like vanilla skyrim, and thats not really a good thing these days.