Tinder app not working, say users

- Feb 24, 2014

The Tinder app seems to be not working for many users, or at least this is what it looks like after visiting the official Facebook page and Twitter. Some of these problems with the Tinder app have been addressed, although a fix is on the way but didn’t release when promised.

You can see a screenshot from the Tinder app Facebook page that currently has over 25,000 fans, although a number of these users have reported issues and left messages about the Tinder app not working.

We have included a quick screenshot below that details a message left by the Tinder app developers, and an update was promised right at the end of last month. Now more than 3 weeks on, we still see that the iPhone app is at version 3.0.2 with no update since Dec 19, 2013. This is after Facebook users were told not to worry if they were experiencing bugs, because the team were “working on it” and a new update was due next week.


The Tinder app is still not working for some It is obvious that the issues will be fixed as soon as possible, but this hasn’t stopped a few people complaining on social networks and in forums. Problems are quite diverse and range from messages stating, “Facebook login cancelled” to users explaining they couldn’t get passed the “SMS verification process”.

One Product Reviews reader explained, “I tried all my numbers, but the Tinder app SMS verification process won’t work”. Another added, “I always get the same SMS verification code, then the app never accepts the code”. We have also heard about problems adding photos in the Tender app and one user stated, “I can’t upload photos, I save and crop then nothing”.

Is the Tinder app not working for you? If so, do you have issues with adding photos, SMS code verification, or something else?

It is also worth pointing out that while the last update added better iPad support, some people want a dedicated tablet app to improve the overall user interface on the bigger display. Let’s hope that the 3.0.3 update brings iPad support and fixes issues a lot of users are experiencing right now.

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  • Anthony Francis

    Hi, I am Tony. Sorry to say I’m experiencing a lot of problems with the Tinder App, as well as others. I ‘ d downloaded previously last month, despite I was unable to receive code

  • Peter

    I had the same issue. It is definitely a software issue. This is how I solved it. Get an older version of the Tinder apk (do a google search for Tinder APK 3.0.2). I used 3.0.2, but some newer ones would probably work as well. Install the APK, log in with Facebook and you should be able to get the SMS verification code. After you have verified, you can go to the Play Store and update the app. This worked for me on Android 4.4.4.

  • tinder doesnt work

    Tinder doesnt work. It says to put in my number so it can send me a code–but then it never sends me the code. i emailed tinder–got a programmed auto response designed to look like a person wrote it….I tried again a few days later–and got the exact same auto respose from their ‘customer service’ what a joke! Tinder blows–and the comoany doesnt care that their product does not work.

  • D

    My profile photo is showing to me, however apparently no one else can see it! So everyone gets a blank image of me! Which makes it pointless for me to use Tinder. Is it my facebook settings, I have that set to friends. I only just joined Facebook and tinder so could it also just be a delay?

  • Andy

    Never been able to connect to tinder using galaxy S4.
    screen shows message saying there was a problem logging in

  • Sus H

    Like the rest, it gives me an error message when I try to verify my number

  • as

    SMS verification won’t work indeed…

  • antonio

    SMS verification won’t work

  • claudia

    i just downloaded it and it wont even let me log in with facebook just nothing happends

  • Ode

    when i press the app it just says looking 4 users and it dosen’t continue from that???

  • Dutch Guy

    It gives me lot of incorrect matches. I got matches with girls I never ever liked. If I cant trust the matching-system then it is useless this way.

  • Sarah

    Same here! I keep getting the “sorry, something is wrong. Error. Try again later”

  • Glenn

    Just get ‘error’ something went wrong everytime I try to login with facebook

    • Steph

      Same for me!

      • mark

        Wont let me upload any pictures. Kind of pointless with no pics.