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iPad Air review for free games

If you have just picked up an iPad Air and are looking for some new games to play, we have something which we think you’ll enjoy. We have a detailed iPad Air review for you to watch, showcasing the best free games that are available to download right now on the App Store.

It’s no secret that the iPad Air is a wonderful tablet for gaming. The 9.7-inch Retina display really shines in the gaming department, with those of you who are upgrading from the iPad 2 in for a big surprise with the step up in quality.

Many of you do not like paying for mobile games, especially apps with tricky in-app purchase schemes. The video we have for you below gives you a walkthrough on many of the excellent games that are available for download without a fee.

Who could forget?
Who could forget?

There’s a great mix in there, including the addictive Jetpack Joyride, an iPad optimized Ninjump Rooftop game which is a spin-off to the popular mobile game, and also mash-ups of classics in there as well such as Solitaire and Tetris.

For the hardcore gamer, there is a good look at console game Injustice which features pretty amazing graphics on iPad. There’s also the very popular Plants Vs Zombies 2, and arguably the best iPad game of them all – the Walking Dead which needs no introduction.

Everyone loves a classic..
Everyone loves a classic..

If you are struggling to look for free games on your tablet, we guarantee this gaming-specific iPad Air review will help you along the way.

Alternatively, feel free to recommend a free game that you want everyone to know about below.



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