Final Fantasy 7 remake rumours holding firm

By Marlon Votta - Feb 24, 2014

Comments concerning the possibility of a Final Fantasy 7 remake from Yoshinori Kitase gave us the impression it would take a lot for this game to surface, but according to an insider, Square Enix will be going ahead with this new instalment regardless of negatives that have been reported.

The anonymous source has given fans reason to anticipate a Final Fantasy 7 remake sometime in the future despite concerns from Kitase about the budget and scale of the original. Apparently, a NeoGAF user and industry insider Verendus reacted to Kitase’s recent queries and feels confident that this is indeed going to happen, although we are still yet to hear any official confirmation.

With that in mind, we understand the thoughts behind Kitase’s quotes, as this will be a massive project to undertake, which will be demanding for those wanting to bring a worthy addition to the fans. We recently mentioned the Final Fantasy 7 PS4 remake discussed in 2014, as we highlighted the possibility of this bracing the PS4, so have you been waiting patiently for any legitimate announcements for a Final Fantasy 7 remake?

As we continue to regard this as speculation at the moment, the way it is going we could see some concrete evidence of this game coming to fruition in the near future, but how long is still a mystery. A report on VG Leaks highlights the latest rumours about not only a Final Fantasy VII, but also speculation surrounding Half-Life 3 and Shenmue III.

In addition, the comments on NeoGAF must have some kind of substance to them, as there is a strict policy at Neo-GAF that users will be banned if the deliver false statements. As we wait to hear further announcements about this, do you think the release of a Final Fantasy 7 remake is sounding more plausible as time goes on?

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  • IWouldDieForFF7Remake

    Would be nice to keep the same turn based combat system. Keep the open world maps, add more games to the arcade, add more materia, summons, side quests, equipment. Just suggestions 🙂

  • GinzoLaggrera

    Yeah, if you could change the gameplay into one like FFXV, that would be perfect!

  • Jack Mehoff

    Same… This is the only reason I would buy a PS4. I could give a damn about XV when XIII felt so damn bland. FF was never meant to be a hack and slash with one dimensional characters and sadly that’s what the series has become. In XIII, I’d just put the retarded kid, the annoying Aussie chick, and afro man in a party and try to find new ways to kill them off… the story was so terrible I can’t remember the characters actual names. All I know is that watching those three die repeatedly was more fun than actually beating the game. By contrast I can list all the VII characters by name and haven’t played the game in over a decade: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aeris, RedXIII, Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Cait Sith(Reeve)… Shinra, Rufus, Hojo, Scarlet, Reno, Rude, Tseng, Lucrecia, Elena, Jenova, Sephiroth- why is that?

  • adracamas

    THIS.. this will push me into the PS4 lane. This and this alone.