Amazon console Vs PS4, Xbox One expectations

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2014

We are again hearing rumors about the once mythical Amazon game console. The latest news on the mystery is actually very surprising, as we could now see Amazon’s console as early as March – although the company is yet to offer any slight indication that this could be a reality.

It’s not the first time that we have heard about a video games console from Amazon, but definitely the first time that we have seen a potential release attached to the system.

The information has come from Recode who also say that Amazon’s console will take the form of a set top box and will be running on Android, similar to that of competitor Ouya.

We also hear that aside from gaming, Amazon will market the device with TV watching in mind and it could be priced below $300 on the market. We know how popular the Kindle line of products have been with such great pricing, so let’s hope for the same kind of success with Amazon’s venture in gaming.

Amazon has reportedly been hiring game developers in this secretive project, one of which we know to be Double Helix Games – the developers of the Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct.

Something is definitely happening behind the scenes at Amazon HQ, so let’s hope that we see an announcement soon. Give us your thoughts on an Amazon console in March.

Obviously we are not expecting to see hardware akin to that of PS4 and Xbox One, but are you still excited nevertheless?

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  • Stranger

    If they can develop some decent console games for it and not just a bunch of mobile games, I’d strongly consider buying it. I already have Prime and use it frequently. I don’t expect it to be on par graphics or power wise with the PS4/ONE/U, but as long as it’s on par with the 360/PS3, it might be a worth while investment for >$300.