GTA V DLC for military and police

- Feb 23, 2014

The fun Grand Theft Auto V brings without DLC is impressive and we have spent hours stealing jets, flying around in the Buzzard Attack Helicopter, and just having mindless fun. Even though the game has been brilliant up to now, GTA V needs DLC to expand the fun and stop boredom setting in that happened weeks ago for some gamers.

GTA V DLC for military and police – it is true that a lot of players feel the Heists DLC should have released already, Rockstar also confirmed some DLC expansions will be a continuation of the story mode, but what other DLC do you want to see for GTA V?

We have seen a number of mentions already including Turf Wars, Skatepark competitions, more new weapons, alien invasion, and one of our favorites being more military and police elements along with dedicated missions.

GTA V DLC for military and police

Focusing on GTA V police and military DLC, what would you like to see for this type of expansion? You might think we got enough in GTA V already with tanks, jets, and jeeps, but what other military weapons and vehicles would you like to see added via DLC? There’s certainly police missions that could be added and more police vehicles, but how would you like to see this done?

Some people are calling out for a cop mode along with exclusive smoke bombs, special police weapons, a playable police helicopter and bank heists to tackle, or even an option to become a police vigilante. Leave a comment below with your GTA V DLC ideas for military and police.

We should point out that some gamers cannot even think about downloadable content, all they want is to see GTA V release on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. It will be interesting to see if these platforms get the game in its original form, and if they arrive at the same time or one platform gets priority.

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  • Jonah

    I just want to be able to buy the Los Santos cop uniform so I can own and store a cop car. Also if we can get fib uniforms too. Please. FOR ALL CURRENT PLATFORMS. PS3.

  • Alec

    Man all I want is 4wd in the Mesa and military uniforms is that too much?

  • Jahleel Dover

    I would like to play as a Fed an FBI agent on PS3 for GTA V.

  • Kane Andrew Marlar

    Add the ability to 1) repair a cop car that gets damaged in a chase. 2) add customizations for cop cars, like adding more flashing light bars to different parts of the car (a blacked out, slick top charger-type car would be amazing) 3) be able to change the siren without having to hold down the horn button 4) be able to look exactly like a cop and be able to be around them without them feeling threatened. 5) call for backup over a radio 6) pull people over without them just driving away. 6) make arrests, write tickets, etc. 7) be able to add a “police package” to any car to have any kind of marked or unmarked car (blacked out windows, classic police rims, push bars, usable spot lights

  • marine504

    I think once they add pets to gta online they should have a k-9 unit for the cops and at certain star levels they call them out to get you if your on foot running, I think that would be really amusing.

  • marine504

    If they add more police cars to the game I would really love to see the undercover cop car and the buffalo cop car.

  • marine504

    i would really enjoy being a police officer in gta 5 online or offline for ps3 console. I would enjoy writing tickets, cuffing people and bringing them to the jail and responding to crimes through the police radio. I think if we do get the dlc we should have a laptop to run license plates for crimes while on duty.

  • Terrence Peeples

    I want this dlc. I want to be a cop or mercenary

  • Brock James Hunter

    At least put a 50 calibre sniper on the game along with RPG’s that can track jets and any aircraft and more variety’s cars

    • marine504

      i think we should get stinger to lock onto attach helicopter’s such as the small bird.

  • jack o

    I agree or else even be able to get a army uniform and cool amry vehicles such as the humvee or APC,and police uniform would be cool and be able to have police dogs, and more police vehicles?

  • Donny mess

    The GTA 5 map is so big it could accommodate just a kick ass mode strictly for “Emergency Services” such as police, EMS, Fire, coast guard, etc. Rockstar is more than capable of creating and expanding such a theme. Heck, make it interesting. Make it so you can modify a police or emergency vehicle such as the body style, vehicle models, light bars & patterns, sirens, etc. offer a wide range of uniform designs, access to police stations, jail cells, bookings, hospital, fire halls, etc. Incorporate police radio code, chatter. Give the character powers of arrest, check licenses, run vehicle plates, issue tickets, engage in high speed pursuits with a chance to call for assistance, investigate crimes and search for people through databases and on the streets, initiate traffic stops. It’d be cool and they’d make some serious money by producing an expansion or mode for this game

    • Christop879

      Yes I complety agree with this do it for the xbox 36011

      • Christop879


        • marine504

          and ps3, ps4 consoles too.

    • marine504

      Great suggestion

  • American

    In a DLC such as military and police I would like to see for military, Humvee like vehicles, the hunter attack helicopter like they had in San Andreas, maybe even have older Military vehicles and more tanks from different eras, it would be awesome to tow a flak gun on the back of one of the trucks and be able to use it, also military uniforms to wear from different eras.. For police I would like to see uniforms, older police vehicles, maybe even the option to add light bars (that work) to civilian vehicles, and for both, weapons should be for military a M2 browning type machine gun, and maybe even a Hitler’s buzzsaw (if you don’t know what it is look it up), and the option to attach them to trucks and have a second player man them. For police weapons well I just don’t know.

  • Cody Allen

    .1 they need to nerf the cops and tanks. 2 if a player has a tank then another player should be able to use the turret (give it limited ammo, slow down main turret turning speed). 3 i agree with the uniform idea i personally hate that rockstar is caring so much for crappy suits (i would rather look like a boss like the mearyweather guys. 4 add backpacks the one mission in campaign was fine i liked having a backpack. rockstar should add them as a clothing assecory. 4 the pilot mic and suit. its already in the game but how come WE can not wear them. 5 Hummers actual nice looking hummers not no crusade or patriot those just look stupid to me (it dosnt even need to have a yurret on top it would be nice but i understand it would be powerful).. 5 war ships add coast guard cutters to the game add a single turret like the tank but smaller have a helipad on the rear have dinghys that you can release off the side.6 add turrets to the titan (have the turrets maned by induvidual player). 7 add a button combo to the game to open the hatches of the cargo bob and the titan. 8 add stingers and flares to the game. i dont expect flares on no stunt plane or anything but a titan c-130 does have flares add a reload time. 9 add flashlights as melee wepons and actually be able to use them to look around. add tasers that have a long reload time. 10. add the cargo plane and have it spawn at the end of the international airport, add vehical paracutes that way going off a cliff or being able to drive out of the rear of the titan cargobob or cargo plane it would be bad-ass. 11. add a anialater with player used miniguns on the sides (ditch the pilots guns ). lastly but not least. my personal favorite 12. not trying to steal or nothing but have a gta v undead type pack with the military and police fighting off hordes of undead zombies while you have fun running them over.

  • Dimitri

    PLEASE we need the ability to turn off the cops..nothing ruins fun like annoying cops always trying to kill you!!!

  • Dimitri

    i want a military dlc, add cop uniforms, WW2 style military gear, uniforms weapons vehicles, such as jeeps or Hum-V’s. chopper gunner style hell with mini gun on side….tht would be badass

  • Kentrell

    Yea everyone wants cop mode and uniforms….if you could make this happen then we will be locked in for decades…pleasseee add lcpdfr just so we don’t have to waste our time modding

    • marine504

      yes add LCPDFR to gta 5 cop mode that would keep me locked in for at least 3 to 4 years. i would always play it as a all time favorite. add the laptop, the cop uniform but different versions , the ability to call for backup, and the ability to run license plates for warrants, etc like LCPDFR but on console .

  • coplover9

    I’d like to see a police mod like LCPDFR for gta 4

    • marine504

      amazing idea

  • DizzaKizza

    Ahh and also maybe put um a like Australia ahh could u put Australian police cars in it to and the map so we can do it off line to cause I don’t play gta v often online so that’s what I’d love to see

  • marine504 GTA 5 gamer

    i think that would be the smartiest thing rockstar could do. There are many people who see it as why cant they be a good guy sometimes< i think cop mode nwould be a great add on DLC for Story mode and online.I dont see any negative out comes of it.

  • Brady

    And you need dogs like the German Sheppard and ad the Vietnam military uniform and the Vietnam m16 if you added this los Santos would be a war zone it would be so cool and can you make the close cheap or free would be good but if not at least cheap i have like no money are you can give every body $500,000 like you did that one time and gun i want to get so bad is the 357 magnum and the Barrett 50 cal.

  • Brady

    USMC MARPAT utility’s and a Humvee with a 50 cal on top and a Vietnam chopper with side guns for passengers and you guys need a zombie mode like how you can do a private session but a zombie one if some one douse not want to get attack by zombies you guys did zombies for red dead redemption if you did an online zombie free roam mode i will always play this game and don’t get rid of all the stuff after a long time that will make me sad I’ve read people asking for the ac-130 i think it would be to over powered unless you ad an RPG that can lock on then it would be ok if you guys put all this stuff in that people whant you could make 10 times more what your all ready getting so plz do it this would be so cool.

  • Chris

    Honestly, Rockstar needs to take into account how much money they would make if they DID make a Police/Military DLC. It would be MUCH better than LCPDFR due to the fact that Rockstar has Professional coders who have a large budget, and it would take them less than two weeks to code in a police DLC or an army DLC, where you can respond to street crimes, and perform traffic stops, as well as assist NPC officers in a bank robbery in progress.

    Look how successful “True Crime: Streets of L.A” was.. Rockstar would make a HUGE amount of money from people who are so desperate (myself) to play as a cop, or a soldier in protecting the streets/fighting terrorists. They would add an ENTIRE new perspective to GTA, because running around shooting random people gets boring after awhile, and nobody plays the campaign more than twice.

    Rockstar, take this into consideration, it would be easy, and increase everyone’s pay, and make ALOT of people happy, you play as either a standard LSPD officer, (Choosable skin), a partner, and a cruiser of choice, with full access to the police computer. It’s a great idea, and shouldn’t go to waste.

    L.A Noire was fun for about a day, but the total lack of random crime events was very disappointing, but playing as a cop was fun in the sense of detective work. We need this Rockstar, please do it.

    • marine504

      True, True and true i want that also. i sent rockstar messages over and over on everything you posted a computer data base like gta 4 would add great reeality and the ability to check for insurance and if the vehicle is stolen or not. Giving tickets too lol.

  • Jason

    GTA V DLC how bout putting different countries in the game and making a playable part to be a cop in the game or military personal or FBI or any Federal Government Agency. Please Rock star make it happen.

  • bob

    APC (I know we have a tank, but it is cool)
    Destroyer boat (like Chinatown wars)
    Hunter(from vice city)
    Humvee jeep with machine gun
    Harrier jet ( has to hover)
    Drones(mini game style)
    Thermal scope
    Military camo for guns and cars
    Military uniform
    Terrorist masks

    Call it the recruits day DLC and release round about Veterans Day!

    • Chris

      This is brilliant, and going off the Uniforms idea, if they added an update called the “Civil Services Pack” including, Police, Sheriff, Park Ranger, Fire, Paramedic, Army, SWAT, and FIB uniforms, the game will have gotten 10000000000x better, and more people would be satisfied. It would be great for those who enjoy filming and making movies.

      • marine504

        so true

  • squibb

    im thinking if they add cop mode it will be like need for speed but it would be cool

  • Davis NN Campbell

    For a polic dlc i would like to have the ability to do law enforcement missions or calls over radio/stop & searches/random online events, be able to pull over/ticket/arrest or warn traffic offenders. Engage in chases foot,vehicle,air,marine. recover/y contraband & apprehend offenders. Participate in Robbery prevention,SWAT,anti gang units, an anti-terrorism unit & investigate in kinappings/human trafficking/drug traficking also if possible a fraud unit. Realistic police uniforms the bility to purchase keep & insure police vehicles. Please & thank you.

  • HG25_SFOD

    Digital camo Navy, Desert, multicam, snow, and universal for:
    tactical gear
    Head gear helmet
    gas mask
    knee pads
    combat gloves.

    Military vehicles and aircrafts and base are:
    Military jeep m1151
    Stryker tank
    Warship with jets
    Ac-130 gunship
    wah-64 helicopter.

    New ski masks with gta online heists.

    Rockstar its easy. Listen to the fans, give them what we want please Δ_Δ!!!!!

  • Coderaven911

    Cop mode please!!! I second what dwhitt000 said!

    • marine504

      COp Mode come on rockstar. i third what he said lol.

  • USMC

    They need military outfits,ghili suits and more stuff like humvees you can buy with a operating 50 cal your friend can shoot,more like military helmets like a military stile to blend in with the environment

  • dwhitt000

    I would love to see a cop mode like the LCPDFR. Even if they keep the same police cars and suvs in the game just add the police missions, computer, and be able to do police activities such as pulling over people and responding to calls that come out on the radio like LCPDFR.

  • G$

    Rockstar should put in a cop mode like the LCPDFR mod but not as complicated since it’s made for PC. They need to put in different types of police crown vics and chevys. If Rockstar doesn’t do this they should at least put the police computer back on or a vigilante app on the phone so we can do police missions.

    • windsorboy97

      i absolutely agree with this!!! that would be a major upgrade for gta and a lot more people would love it !

  • airierpit736

    chainsaw, bow gun, bow and arrow, tomohawk, sword, machete, throwing knives or stars, riot shields, smoke grenades, battleships, lcacs

  • airierpit736

    a huey helicopter with mg’s on side doors so others that get in can shoot

  • airierpit736

    if going somewhere nobody has gone before, dream missions like zombies, aliens, space missions, demons, or missions that take place underwater and you could shoot

  • airierpit736

    create your own mission, survival, or capture games

  • airierpit736

    different branch outfits of military

  • airierpit736

    a gas mask if yur goin with military or cop swat outfits

  • airierpit736

    the AT4 rocket launcher that could lock on or fire freely

  • airierpit736

    an ai team i meant

  • airierpit736

    being able to run an so team like in the old sa, recruit and fight along side, have em wait or follow

  • airierpit736

    more different kinds of sniper rifles

    • Brock James Hunter

      50.calibre would be nice

  • airierpit736

    the hunter and osprey helicopter w/rockets and mg’s, a humvee with mounted mg too…

  • airierpit736


  • airsoftelite

    Sheriff outfit (hat optional)
    Lapd outfit (hat optional
    Military uniform (Base attair)
    Military uniform (combat loadout)

  • Infamous Savant

    A buyable pet would be cool, like Chop. We need more weapons, more clothes and outfits/weapons/vehicles that correspond to the military or police (maybe even both!).

  • Kyle Smith

    Adding a police mode would be awesome. Having your own police car and being able to enter police stations and having a choose of uniforms

  • Robert Thomson

    ill begin caring about DLC when this is released on ps4 and pc!! still have my ps3 but havent plugged it in since i bought my ps4…even though gta5 is still my favorite game i refuse to play it on my old console with the shitty dualshock 3 controller lol

    • franken stein

      Well get ready to never care then, It is 98.9% likely that GTA V will never be remade for ps4 or XB1, and the supposed GTA V (PC version) release date has been leaked like 20x now and proven false each time. So it may come to PC but no one knows exactly when. Most you can hope for for next gen is a direct port on Sony’s and MS(in development) streaming services sometime in the future. But how are you gonna stream the GTA V game and play GTA Online at the same time??? simple answer would be your not. You’d be better off just using a aftermarket controller on your PS3 to play it. Why buy the game all over again? Im assuming you own it bcuz (“gta5 is still my favorite game”).

  • KoKoehn

    Better fighting: like timing the counter its too easy & grappling at least, more fighting styles, zombie mode with co-op online, more cars, way more rims, customizable interior, body kits, gas for cars: it would be sick to run out of gas in a cop chase, make the drunk and high effect last longer a lot longer, more haircuts: didn’t see the option for a fade, the option to change your weight, THE OPTION TO GO TO CANNABIS CLUBS AND PURCHASE MANY DIFFERENT STRAINS, I know this will never happen but I need the option to sell weed and rob online ppl and ai on the street. I could go on and on but thumbs up if you wanna see these added.

    • Toshiro Hiroyuki

      the drunk opition in gta v sucks its best in gta iv cus it last a lot longer in iv

  • HG25_SFOD

    This update mite release armed forces day military and police dlc packs, ik R* will.



    • Toshiro Hiroyuki

      gta will never add zombies or those types gta sticks to realism they dont do zombies aliens no way either cus aliens were only in gta v because it was a hallucination

  • PhatBud

    Would love to be able to buy another garage as theres so many awesome cars to keep but no more space to store them. Maybe add some elemental weapons so we can burn, shock, freeze enemies or other players. A few more cars would be nice aswell preferably with the option to have camo paint jobs or vinyls decals to put on them via lsc. Please please please.And lots more actual missions. Not activities as theres too many

    • no speakyengrish

      Go play saints row kid

      • HG25_SFOD

        Idk bout that, people like you and others sometimes the game needs to add good things lol, why judge? “What else you got?

        • no speakyengrish

          Ok i overreacted reading about freezing people.I agree with ur ideas except the weapons. Now freezing somebody I dont agree but burning people with flamethrowers would be great. The car decals are really nessasary also being able to design your decals would be awesome aswell as for the trailers for the big rigs.. one more thing which isn’t gonna happen but it would be cool to do needles and meth online

    • Toshiro Hiroyuki

      gta is all realism saints row is about fantasy thats why gta doesnt add fantasy because there succeeding because of there realism to the world saints row has already fallen and 4 is the wiorst saints row 4 didnt sell much compared to gta v

  • GroVe street banger

    More guns, like a revolver snub nose or 357.
    Fight club in a warehouse or basement for single player or mp
    Recruit npc shooters, single player or mp
    More difficult stores to rob with a higher payout, or that require 2 people
    Police use batons and don’t immediately shoot u

    • no speakyengrish

      Being able to recruit npcs online would be awesome and do drive bys would be insane

  • joe

    Add a police officer as one of the charters that you can choose to play as and give him a customizable police car and let us do what we want to the car

  • Jirasek23

    Add more car parts to customize vehicles with. And some cars you can’t even upgrade them. Be able to customize your planes and submarine and tank. And add lift kits for the trucks and jeeps. And add an actually dually. And add some swords to where you can chop arms and legs off would be fun. Underground fight clubs to earn money and xp. Sword fighting clubs. Just some ideas.

  • zac

    I’d like to play as a cop pull people over give a ticket or just do cop things it would be really cool

    • no speakyengrish

      Yeah that would be sweet. Even random events such as police chases you could do it with friends/crew eg one person has to deploy spike strips,one person chases in helicopter and others chasing in cars.

  • I still want to see detachable body parts. If I blow someone up, I want to see their body parts fly! I also want to see more bicycle riders in Online. I hate bicycle riders, and I want to run over them. Before you say it, I have no anger issues. Really, I’m a kind and gentle person. Really.

  • Eli Silva

    How about making the gun on the tank playable so 2 players can utilize the machine. Lowriders would be kewl swords different fighting styles ability to use to guns one in each hand. More clothes long trench coats a workable gym so we can work out our players like San Andreas pool table to play and bet money on. Scuba gear a sub that can go deep deep under water and not worry about the pressure of the ocean. How about for couple like my wife n myself who play all the time together so people will know we’re married. How about a 20-car garage and being able to decorate our own apartments. How about the ability to own more then one you can make it fair one huge apartmenT in the city and a 2-car garage house outside of town. The hydra would be awesome. Maybe we can go fishing to catch fish on the sailboat. The ability to take flights to other game lands the one with the snow. You can open this thing wide open and do oh so much it would be great. Its getting boring not being able to do other things. You can set up the ability for crews to have Motor cycle clubs able to buy leather vest with crew logo’s for the MC. Throw in more sea creatures not just the shark online that I feed myself to when I want. Casino gambling there’s a horse track but no horses. Just idea’s that have been floating around my head and my wife’s.

    • HG25_SFOD

      we need scuba gear!!

  • Khari

    Would love to see some story continuation DLC.

  • HG25_SFOD

    Navy: uniform, tactical gear, head gear, gas mask, boots, and combat gloves.

    Desert: same
    Snow: same
    Universal:same. The 5 military camouflage for outfits I like to see in V

    Vehicles & aircrafts, base
    M1151 jeep,
    Stryker tank and fix the glitch,
    wah-64 helicopter,
    Ship base in ocean really kool,
    ac-130 gunship.

    And more weapons”

    • Infamous Savant

      They need to bring back some classics from GTA San Andreas such as the Hunter attack chopper (Apache Longbow) and the Hydra (Harrier fighter jet/VTOL). We need a DLC that brings back classic vehicles!

      • HG25_SFOD

        Apache longbow similar to wah-64

  • lee foster

    I think the scuba gear is a good idea plus it would be good to lower the online prices for buyin stuff coz its hard to earn money unless u play with the right ppl online coz the dont do mission just kill u all the time, I think that they should let u sell u custom cars and not have a limit on the price and also see some super cars around in the hill where rich ppl live coz the cars are too expensive and as for some ppl wantin the heist dlc stop moanin it will come they juat makin it good and workin proper I carnt wait so rockstar keep up the good work 😀

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The plane that can fly under water from the movie the incredibles

  • Infiniti

    New fighting styles like in San Andreas you were able to learn karate or boxing. Oh and ZOMBIES! Like in the zombie mode Los Santos is rioting where fires are everywhere and gunshots! Exploding vehicles and helicopters hovering around. More than half of Los Santos pedestrians are zombies. There’s a cheat in San Andreas which was the riot cheat! I loved that cheat code. Something like that cheat code in the Zombies mode would be awesome. It would really save R*

  • Anonymous

    Buying wing suits, jetpacks, jets, diving gear, submarines, fly able ufos. As for weapons ray gun, nail bomb, flame thrower, machete, brass knuckles, wolverine claws,time bombs, axes, 50. Caliber turret .45 revolver, brander, and a deadly tranquilizer for silent kills so cops won’t here the shot. As for modes. Zombie mode: turn your apartment/cars into zombie killing machines. shoot crawlers and zombies from your apartment. In the night it’s better to have company over than to stay by yourself. Alien mode: finally the mount chiliad mystery has been solved. The mural by the carts were symbolizing the end of gta 5. Those three ufos in the sky. They were just doing recon studying are weaknesses now it’s your turn to fight back for the sake of Los santos and all of gta 5 police mode: arrest criminals or be drug dealers it’s a war between justice and chaos. As for Easter eggs the hatch from the tv series LOST you set out on a voyage to find it and open it bit you can’t do it alone. Call your friends and go break it open. This is where scuba gear and time bombs come in. In the hatch roman from gta 4 is stuck in with a 2 billion bounty on him you must get there before anyone else does. This mode available in invite and random. Mt. Chiliad Easter egg. You find the jetpack in the bunker at fort zancudo but once you collect it the UFOs are triggered and immiedietly shot down. But what could cause this it’s up to your crew to go to the crash sites before the army does. So let me know what you all think and I hope rock star will put this in the game

  • Monte

    A Hydra jet like the one in San Andreas with vertical take off would be awesome and so would dropping flares as a counter measure against missiles.

    • carter

      You should be able to turn off traffic for fun, so you can drift without worry

  • Joey

    Add more motorcycles to the game as well

  • Joey

    Zombie’s mode
    More customizable cars

  • bleep

    Those big suits from the paleto score

  • big_wanger

    How about a usable turret on the back of the Jeep for two player action

  • Jesse

    The cop mode mentioned would be awesome!

  • 99killerv

    What they should add is:

    New purchasable cop cars, new jets, new tanks.
    New cop/military outfits and uniforms
    New weapons, such as throwing knives, stun guns, flares, flashbangs, handcuffs, torch, emp etc
    Add scuba diving gear
    More sea vehicles like submarines, planes that can land on water
    Game of cops and robbers, cop pursuits, jet fights.
    Some missions to become a police officer and take down criminals
    Have guard dogs but more breeds

    Something like that would be nice to see but also not to make everything too expensive, as not all players can purchase these items. I’m sure what ever Rockstar will do will be great and will make GTA fun. Thanks.

    • Guest

      Michael and Trevor can get cop uniforms,
      Stun guns and flash-bangs already exist,
      you can get scuba diving equipment including the wetsuit if you look in trevor and Michael’s wardrobes,
      there is a submarine and the Cargobob can float on water so long as you don’t decelerate while floating or until you exit it

      • 99killerv

        Yes I know of all the single player items but I meant all that for online. I want to see scuba diving items for online, a proper submarine that can hold more than one passenger.

        • Infiniti

          There’s a submarine in online mode. It’s in the middle east of the map. You can search it’s location There is no two seater though. Apparently the second seat is “occupied” because my friend couldn’t get in. Silly R*

        • HG25_SFOD

          They need scuba gear, just one of the missing items

  • Yrs

    Undead Nightmare DLC > Every other idea mentioned in this article

  • Yrs

    Undead Nightmare DLC > Every other idea mentioned in this article

  • Alvin

    I would love to see more improvements in cops, military, and agents to actually try to stop you from hiding. Although some gamers have already mastered the way to get away from the GTA V stars. Rockstar should at least try and make cops more compatible towards us the gamers.

  • Rikko

    I really want customisable cop cars

  • Miloš Kojić

    Real Vehicles Dlc….

    • Joey

      They are real cars just different names

  • WatDatMouthDoDoh

    The military and cop uniforms. The military attack chopper. Riot shields for the police. They need to bring dogs to multiplayer

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Circus them dlc

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Mafia dlc

    • xFajitas

      This already released -_-

      • Joey

        It’s just a gun and a car an actual dlc

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Grappling hook

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    New pocket knife new tactical knifes

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Michael corleone when he was in ww2 clothes Italy ya ww2 military uniform
    Skee mask goggles and helmets
    And weapon tints like camouflage digital camo or wood land I types of camo for your weapons

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Police and deputy hats taser swat team car the original m4 and the m60 good weapon

  • Josh Dunning

    how about an expansion on mods for cars and more cars from diff era’s in history. The ability to use the car-transport truck or the Titan plane to load cars. Maybe if they expand on the car mod players would have better chance of having a one-off ride and the ability to sell it to others.

  • drew2145

    Break in to people houses on the hill at night and steal anything you want

  • jwj

    I want to be a cop


    I wanna see more military style clothing. Combat trousers with holsters and kneepads, tactical vests with magazine pouches etc, backpacks, helmets and hats, more weapons (tactical knives and stuff).

    • Airsoftelite

      Military uniforms for each protagonist
      1 set of normal fatigues (shirt, trousers and a patrol cap)
      1 set of full battle dress (helmet, vest, pistol holster etc etc)

  • Rubix99

    Brillaint game.

    • Anonymous User

      I would like to see high command military suits and high comman police chief suits.