GTA V PS4, Xbox One Vs PC demand

By Alan Ng - Feb 22, 2014

How are you dealing with Rockstar’s ongoing silent tactics regarding the highly anticipated GTA V PS4, Xbox One and PC release dates? As we enter March, we are closing in on the traditional release pattern for a PC version, with the added excitement now of next-gen consoles also being added into the mix.

At this point, the GTA V community feels it is almost a certainty that Rockstar and Take-Two will bring the game to next-gen and PC, as it would be somewhat crazy if Take-Two didn’t tap into the huge earnings potential with a good chunk of gamers now leaving their PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles behind in the transition to next-gen.

Remember that GTA IV on PC released around eight months after the console release. If Rockstar are to follow and carry on their tradition over to GTA V, then we should be expecting a PC version to drop towards the end of March or in April.

In other words, the rumored Spring release for GTA V is still on the cards. The big question is whether Rockstar has also been working on PS4 and Xbox One ports behind the scenes as well. We have a feeling they may be, but until Rockstar comes out and says something in an official capacity, we are still second guessing at this point.

For those that have the luxury of owning either the Xbox One, PS4 and a gaming PC, we what to know what your preference would be in terms of what version you would like to see first.

PC owners will obviously be expecting the game eight months after the PS3 and Xbox 360 release, but if Take-Two are thinking business, they still could plan to seize the opportunity to earn the most money by releasing a PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA V first.

Either way, we have seen the masses of feedback from gamers who want to see GTA V land on all three platforms as soon as possible. Just have a look at some of the outcries that we have picked out on Twitter for you to read:

Xbox One and PS4 demand for GTA V is sky high, but then again the excitement of playing GTA V with mods is also starting to become unbearable for PC owners.

Rockstar knows they have gamers in the palm of their hands right now. How do you think it will play out, in your opinion? Do you think we will see GTA V on PC first, or GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One with included DLC – give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • rob

    GTA was born on PC………

  • Dr_Heff

    I think its DISGUSTING how Rockstar treats its loyal PC fanbase, always being left in the dark and getting unoptimized console ports 8 months after release, and having to still pay full price for the game. Sure, I love most of their titles, but its insulting how they handle PC gamers…

  • Trevor Williamson

    People on here keep saying “a year away1!!!11111” No.. a month away, or two. GTA V released on September 17th. Which means the 8 month time frame is almost up in March or April of this year.

    • carlos rios

      If your expecting a mid-april release… your gonna have a bad time.

  • P

    RDR? 🙁

  • Sultan Abdulrazzaq

    DLC might come for next gen….just a thought though

  • Kastrenzo

    I don’t care anymore, I didn’t like the game enough to warrant spending $60 again on a severley delayed PC version, which has a good chance of just being a shoddy port

  • Pieter

    im going to be honest… if im going to have to wait another year for the game im borrowing my friend ps3 and completing it on there. never going to buy it then. so bring it out now with a few update rather than waiting for the holiday season and losing half of the clients…. we are waiting for it to be released now not in November.

    • Fred

      Read what he said. 8 months from release. It was released in september of 2013. That gives it a release date of a month or two away. Not a year.

  • ajice19

    A PC version of the game is what I want with superior graphics to any console:), surely demand is high enough with over 600,000 signatures on the petition let alone the rest that have not even signed it. Just let us know what the plan is for a pc release Rockstar and if its going to happen.

    • Benjamin Szentpaly

      SIGN IT!!!

  • Ace

    Because of rockstar being so tight-lipped and tight fisted I will now wait for a pirate/torrent version of GTA V when it comes out on PC. With all the money they have made they ‘Rockstar’ are disrespecting gamers with their arrogant silence.

    • PC=PirateClub

      The majority of PC gamers will torrent. That is why they release on the platforms where that is far less prevalent first. They are hoping that torrenters will buy it on console rather than just torrent on PC. I think September – November is probably the right time to let the PC pirates have it. But I would certainly release on PS4 and XBone well before that, maybe April. I support this reasoning as PC gamers, by torrenting, do nothing to help further the industry. I know GTA fans who are PC Gamers that generally torrent their single player games that bought this on console because they did not want to wait. Otherwise they would have torrented it on PC. So the idea works.

      • X

        I agree that there is more money to be made on the consoles, but your reason for why is absolutely preposterous! The reasoning is simple, consoles are less expensive than a comparable gaming PC and require far less technical knowledge (in either building or maintaining, frankly because consoles require very little if not none of either) than a PC does and therefore more consumers have them. Your point about “pirates” is completely invalid and irrelevant due to many pirates targeting consoles as well. But as is normally the case, you probably won’t concede no matter how compelling an argument I present and therefore can only assume that for whatever reason for your distaste and prejudice towards PCs is only based on some bitter experience you’ve had. I feel sorry for you.

    • djnforce9

      I’m not going to torrent it but what seems to happen is a publisher releases a game on PC many months after it was on consoles and by then, people have either moved on or already beat it on a console and do not wish to re-purchase it. Therefore, when sales are sub-par due to the above reasons, the publisher than jumps on the “blame piracy” bandwagon even though it was their own fault for being tardy on the release schedule.

      In the end, I hope this isn’t going to just be another Red Dead Redemption which never made it to PC and never will.

  • b zo

    Gta v at least a online download for ps4. And dont wait another 8 months to do so the market is just right for it to come out in march and sale millions rockstar needs to listen to the gamers put out the game now stop making us wait so long for the games you know we want to play.

  • Brian

    GTA V for PS4! Who gives a fu** about ga* as* PC.

  • Andy

    Come to ps4 gta 5 im sick of waiting!!!

  • moretti

    pc version

  • MI

    Need PC version first would look a lot better than PS4 or Xbox

  • MitsosDaBest13

    I don’t wanna waste my money on a stupid console just to play GTA V… I already have an expensive gaming PC and I won’t change it. I’m planning on buying this game with a preorder. Come on R*!

  • KoolDude

    How can R* say
    ‘If That’s Where Consumers Are, We’ll Release’ and not release it on PC? Didn’t they see the petition? Come on R*.

    • Aaaargh

      Consumers not freeloaders. How many on the petition will actually pay for the game? If they can get Heists to Online, then maybe a few more. But the best part is the SP, which means many will torrent. Why waste money on software when you buy can spend all your money on hardware, eh? Rockstar would know the sales v torrent figures and they are scheduling their releases accordingly. Reap what you sow, PC Pirates. Rockstar are better than Bethesda who obviously pander to PC gamers. Gee, they even came out with TES Online just to make sure there were no pirates like there were with Skyrim. This has now pushed back Fallout 4 and TES 6. That is if they even go back to an offline model – if suckers are happy to pay full price for the game and then $15 pm, they will make a killing and probably look to extend their pay to play business model to other IPs. I think this is why they have said any Fallout or TES news is a while away. They want to see how the pay to play goes. And I do not do pay to play, so I prefer the Rockstar method of avoiding piracy over the Bethesda method.

      • X

        With a great deal of restraint, but a whole lot of disrespect- you are an idiot! There are plenty of pirates on consoles as well, but no doubt you would completely deny that. The entire software industry has pirates; not just the gaming community and not just the PC gaming community. Open your eyes and take a look around before spouting off pointless and inaccurate garbage. In a sadly failing attempt to educate these arrogant and pathetic console elitists such as yourself, while trying to regain some degree of respect for myself and the rest of the console community, I would tell you that the only reason GTA V for PC did not beat consoles to the market is because there are more of us console players, period!

      • JD

        You are a moron. Contrary to console gamers’ beliefs, we don’t all pirate games on PC. You do realise that console game pirating exists in large numbers too right? The developing world doesn’t have access to the low hardware prices that we lucky westerners do, hence they mostly go for the cheaper console option, and they sure as hell pirate their games. Go visit Thailand and you’ll see the “game shops” for yourself.

        I’m not sure if it’s jealousy of the gaming capabilities that PC hardware can bring, or if it’s just immaturity speaking, but there was no need to make this another uneducated “PC gamer’s are pirating scum” post. Thanks for further cementing that console gamer stereotype though kid.

        Finally, your random link to TES Online is irrelevant as it isn’t even being developed by the same people that make Fallout/TES. It may be being PRODUCED by Bethesda Softworks but not developed by Bethesda Game Studios (Zenimax are using their own in-house developers, set up purely for TESO). Development on TESO was also started before Skyrim, so your claims regarding R* and Bethesda are just complete rubbish in case people hadn’t gathered that already.

  • mrkushman ha

    I’ve decided to just buy a PS3 instead of waiting.

  • Eric

    Screw you guys
    I’m going home

  • JungWoo Lee

    I just watch youtube that others play GTA V on ps3 since October. And now, I’m tired and boring, hard to waiting. Rock* I know you must earn more money. but please I’m begging you.

  • Chottan

    I would love to see this game in PC 🙂

  • Chuck Norris

    GTA IV took 187 days to come out for PC. Since GTA V is a more complex game than IV, I’m expecting a mid-April release date.

    • mrkushman ha

      I’ve got some bad news.

    • carlos rios

      If your expecting a mid-april release… your gonna have a bad time.

      • Chuck Norris

        When do you think it will launch?

  • giiwiy

    The gaming landscape is huge. Just plays tons of other great games and wait a couple more months after the PC release for it to hit the bargain bins. If Rockstar won’t show the pc some love, then I only pay $20 for their games.

  • Kpv Sarath

    Oh god I need GTA v in PC or I discriminate r* to die with their money and destruct the company this is what I pray to god

    • John

      Lol it’ll come eventually. All I hope is that it comes to next gen though because It’s irritating to have to keep changing from PS4 to PS3 whenever I want to play.