FIFA 14 Pack opening reactions with Ronaldo, Neymar

How has your luck been recently when participating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team opening packs? As most of you know, EA recently unveiled the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team TOTY packs, with excited fans blowing their coins in the hope of landing a special version of Ronaldo, Messi or Ibrahimovic.

Some fans have actually questioned EA’s FIFA 14 Ultimate Team system, with some gamers spending extortionate amounts of money on gold packs, only to not get any of the FIFA 14 TOTY squad – let alone Messi or Ronaldo.

Some gamers however have had the luck on their side, and we bring you a hilarious video showing some of the live FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack opening reactions.

Watch the video below and you’ll witness the disbelief when one unassuming gamer opens a pack containing Cristiano Ronaldo TOTY, with his overall skills boosted to 98, including a 98 pace and dribble ability.

There’s another great reaction when one gamer finds out that he has just managed to pick up a Neymar card, although we do warn that there is some fruity language in the video so bear that in mind if you are watching in the office.

How has your luck been when opening FIFA 14 TOTY packs – have any of you managed to get Messi or Ronaldo?



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