Tony Hawks PS4, Xbox One Vs Skate 4 demand

By Alan Ng - Feb 21, 2014

Did you grow up playing the likes of Tony Hawks Pro Skater on the PS1? If so, the franchise probably remains close to your heart, regardless of the fact that recent Tony Hawk titles may not have performed so well.

With the PS4 and Xbox One consoles now firmly up and running with established user bases, the anticipation for a next-gen skateboard game is starting to heat up.

We didn’t hear any concrete whispers in an official capacity last year, but this week we do have some massive news to share with you. Tony Hawk himself has let slip in a recent interview that another game is on the way and we’re guessing that it will be headed straight for PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Following on from Tony Hawk’s comments, Activision has since come out and confirmed that they are working with the Birdman on a new title and that more details will be coming ‘soon’.

The last game out was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD and it was actually a very decent game and a refreshing nostalgia trip down memory lane for those that played the originals – especially with parts of the original soundtrack in tact.

Given that Activision has yet to announce anything on the game, what would you be hoping to see? We can already see feedback on social media, from fans who would actually like to see EA make Skate 4 first, in preference to Tony Hawk.

If Tony Hawk PS4 can be anything like the originals with next-gen graphics, then you can bet that it will still draw in massive interest – especially if they bring back the team at Neversoft to develop it.

As for Skate 4, EA has not given any hints whatsoever that a new game is on the horizon. However, with a new Tony Hawk’s game definitely on the way, this may well force EA to change their plans in 2014 so it’s very exciting for fans we would say.

If you are a big skateboard game fan, get in touch with us. What game would you rather see on PS4 or Xbox One, Skate 4 or Tony Hawks? We’ll look forward to your feedback on this, but in the meantime we’re going on Spotify to listen to the THPS2 soundtrackgood times.

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  • kane

    Both would be good but tony hawks I would prefer and hopefully it will be like underground in ways how you start from nothing earn sponsorship and enter events that would be sick….. Also bmx game needs to be made with the same concept earn your way from the bottom and pick between street and park….fmx game needs to be made has not been one since mtx and that was awesome a few game ideas there that would sell very good and make a lot of money for developers

  • Jeremy A. Baker

    Both please

  • JoeBromanski

    Definitely Skate 4! As a 11 year skater myself, skate games are ax realistic as it gets! People gotta get over the “grind, sticker slap, grind score 50 million points” kind of playing. Gotta look at it more as real life skating in the city. Actual people cant just ollie over a full sized SUV ha.

    Skate 2 had better spots to skate, and i liked when you got to pick your sponsors.

    Should make a bmx and snowboard game just like the skate games also.. much more cooler when the tricks you land look realistic!

  • Edwardo

    tony hawk is way too easy… was ok for the 90’s … SKATE 4 !!!!!ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • Tony all the way

    Tony hawks all the way..

  • Tim Schuster

    Tony Hawk on PS4. Xbox is for losers!

  • PumSpak

    Tony Hawk

  • Scott

    Tony hawk pro skater 4 on ps4

  • DavStp

    Skate 4 xbox one
    TH for PS4

  • Mike McMeans

    Skate 4 on Xbox One!

  • Skate 4 please

  • troy

    SKATTTTE 4!!!!! Xbone for life

  • Board Rider

    Skate 4 for xBox one

  • Maks

    skate 4 all friggin day!

  • Austin Frantz

    Definetly skate 4. Or even a new series. An open world realistic skateboarding game. With Lots of customization

  • darren evans

    skate 4 of course on ps4

  • greenhamm

    Skate 4, xbox one