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Tinder native iPad app desired

Earlier on this week we spoke about the growing popularity with the Tinder app. While some have complained about Tinder not working for their location, it is generally a seamless dating experience, ready for everyone to start matchmaking with just a few gesture swipes.

As Tinder carries on though amid security concerns, we have also spotted demand for a Tinder iPad app. Right now, Tinder is available for iPhone and Android, but doesn’t offer a native experience on iPad.

It’s useable, but it’s not the best experience and there has been some complaints from users about the lack of specific iPad support, with many saying that Tinder on iPad is simply not working.

We can bring you one example of this from a Twitter user, when asking the creators if there is any plans on bringing a Tinder update with iPad support in the near future:

As you can see, it wasn’t really the reply that iPad owners were looking for, so it could be some while yet until Tinder takes the demand seriously. We would recommend that you keep hammering Tinder with questions on their Twitter page and sooner or later they will have to give in to fans we feel.

On the subject of these security concerns, do you think that Tinder is considered a ‘harmful’ app? Lots of consumers are having fun with it, but obviously it appears to be in the headlines for the wrong reasons at the moment.

Let us know your experiences with Tinder so far and whether you agree that a Tinder native iPad app needs to come out.



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