Plants Vs. Zombies figure sets adds to the K’NEX collections

Whether you collect figures or just want some memorabilia from your favourite game the K’NEX collections have an extensive range of toy models from different genres. Today we are looking at Plants Vs. Zombies figure sets as the latest New York Toy Fair comes to an end.

There are plenty of K’NEX’s building sets on offer and this not only includes Plants Vs. Zombies, but also other franchises like the hit cartoon Family Guy, plus models from Angry Birds, Super Mario, Titanfall and Mario Kart.

In a brief article on IGN they show some images of the Plants Vs. Zombies sets, which will be a welcome sign for fans as these K’NEX sets have been recently revealed. Many of the video game characters come with accessories like weapons and other items in the Plants Vs. Zombies range, along with other video game additions like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

Titanfall is another new title that could accumulate a lot of attention from the gaming community, but we are intrigued to know what other figurines you would like to see in the future.



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