Graco Recall car seat fix and tips

We told you at the start of the month that a Graco recall was underway, due to a problem involving Graco Car seats. As consumers become increasingly worried about the situation, we do have some good news for those affected, with evidence of a fix on the way.

You can check out a Graco recall list of affected car models here, but now we are focusing on the fix that will be coming your way to those that have already registered your car seat with Graco.

We have confirmation and a picture showing the type of replacement that will be offered to those affected. As you can see from the differences, Graco is promising a much more improved harness – with square buttons as opposed to circular buttons to make the harness mechanism a lot more reliable.

A picture showing how the new free replacement buckles will look.
A picture showing how the new free replacement buckles will look.

In addition to this, we’re pleased to see that Graco has also offered up some tips for those that are looking to eliminate the problem themselves without sending in the car seat to Graco.

As confirmed via Graco’s new press release here, you may find the following Graco Car Seat Cleaning Tips useful:

-To clean your buckle, turn the restraint over and push the retainer through the harness strap slot. Place the buckle in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle, pressing the red button several times while it is in the water.

– Do not submerge the harness webbing and do not use soaps or lubricants, only rinse the harness buckle with warm water.

– Shake out the excess water and allow the harness buckle to air dry.

– Reattach the harness buckle into the same slot and re-check harness for correct installation according to the car seat manual before use.

So there we have it. Let us know your thoughts on the new replacement buckle as seen in the image above – are you happy with the outcome over this situation or not?



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