Counter-Strike: Operation Phoenix comes with new maps and more

Counter-Strike: Operation Phoenix brings more to the table as Global Offensive community-made maps are welcomed with the offer of an Operation Phoenix Pass for $2.99. According to reports, 8 new maps will be available, as well as weapon decals and much more.

The full patch notes for this can be seen on the MP1ST website as the Operation Phoenix Pass intends to add much more to your current experience with the addition of brand new community-created weapon skins. A new Challenge Coin is also available to feature as your operational scorecard up until 4th June.

When it comes to the maps, there are eight of the top-voted to experience chosen by the community, along with 13 new community-created weapon finishes. The maps on offer include Ali, Downtown, Agency, Seaside, Favela, Cache, Thunder and Motel, and these can all be accessible with the season pass for just $2.99.

The aforementioned site shows all the images of the 8 maps on offer as well as the patch notes. So, has this interested you into getting the Operation Phoenix Pass for $2.99?



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