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BBM Android update with Gingerbread joy

We have some good news for those of you on Android now, who specifically are looking to make use of the new availability of Blackberry’s BBM app. After the recent BBM 2.0 update, we can now tell you that an update for BBM is now available for those who are still running Android Gingerbread.

This is fantastic news for those that currently don’t own the latest Android handsets on the market, but still want to enjoy the features of BBM.

Now your Gingerbead-powered Android device can run BBM just like everyone else, with performance just the way you expect it on a BlackBerry device.

It works both ways for those that are currently using BBM as a primary means of communication, as the availability of the app for Gingerbread users obviously opens up your contact books with potential new opportunities.

Head to the Google Play Store here to download BBM for Android right now. It’s free, although some features such as BBM Voice may not be available on Gingerbread at this time.

This update has been a long time in the making though, so hopefully BlackBerry are planning even further support to the Android app in the weeks to come.

Try it now and let us know how you get on. On a side note, are any of you having any force close problems after installation?



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