PlayStation Plus March 2014 update with surprise

By Alan Ng - Feb 20, 2014

We have some good news for those of you with a PS Plus subscription. It looks like the PS Plus March 2014 update has leaked early, revealing the free games that will be offered as part of Sony’s package.

We are coming to the end of February, with gamers having had Outlast to enjoy as the main free game on PS4. For March, the horror theme will continue it seems with rumors suggesting that the PS Plus March free game will be none other than Dead Nation.

From whispers originating via this website, Dead Nation is going to be made available on PS4, as we all know that a PS3 version is already available. While this isn’t perhaps as good as Outlast, we do have to take into account that Sony has a difficult job in providing top class games every single month – they are due a break we think.

With Dead Nation possibly heading to PS4, we can tell you that the big surprise for PS3 PS Plus users will be Tomb Raider. The game that has recently made its way to PS4 via a Definitive Edition is going to be relived, in full on the PS3.

The reboot remains an awesome game on Sony’s older console, so it really is amazing news for those that have yet to sample the game from Crystal Dynamics.

Elsewhere, we see that PS3 free games in the March PlayStation Plus update could also include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, while PS Vita owners may be treated to Smart As and PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD.

So there we have it – what is your reaction about Dead Nation on PS4 as the March free game? It hasn’t even been announced yet by Sony, so we’ll have to wait and see.

We’re definitely excited though if those graphics have been updated significantly for next-gen.

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  • Bjakkzz

    Tomb Raider’s free? I just brought the damn game four days ago!!! I want my money back!!!!!

  • courte

    i keep searching these articles for news about the US plus leaks

  • Esco_83

    Well i think the way forward is for ps4 to get pc games instead of ipad games it worked with outlast last month , how can you compare tomb raider with dead nation

  • Kurama Arctica

    Needs a different genre for ps4 ps plus game every month. We already had a horror game for feb, we do NOT need one for March as well, especially since we only get one a month

    • courte

      dead nation is not a horror game

  • webmaster

    I demand Uncharted 4 be the free March PS4 game.. and what I demand I always get!

  • Empire_May_Fire

    did they not put into consideration that when the playstation was hacked, they had already offered us Dead Nation for free? They must obviously not be aiming at Sony Fanatics because anyone thats a true Playstation gamer has to at LEAST tried Dead Nation already. What reason would we have to wanna play it AGAIN? Come on sony. It’s bad enough already that all the gaming industries are delaying their games. It sucks that Xbox One has more games right now, it really does. Get with the program SONY!

    • JoeD

      A “True Playstation gamer”? Get over yourself. Plenty of people out there that haven’t yet tried the game.

    • webmaster

      I invented the Playstation and I’ve never tried it..

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    I think its time for atleast one class a game.. That or two indie type games a month for PS4. It can’t be that hard to port or bring games over. And no, Resogun is not a AAA title people.. Trine 2 on top of dead nation would be nice.. Maybe Basement crawl.. Come on now Sony!

    • NgTurbo

      Dead Nation will be pretty solid I reckon.. after that though, what are you personally hoping for?

    • Danny

      The PS4 has been out a few months, do you see it as a viable choice, as a business, to release AAA games for free on Plus? No I thought not. By the sounds of it you’re not 100% aware of how Plus works, but as somebody who has been a member for the past 4 years, since launch, I’ll gladly explain. Big name titles are released on plus between 1-2 years, sometimes more after their release date. 1 year post-release is considered early for a game to be on Plus.

      Once the age of games on the PS4 increases, more AAA games will arrive, at the moment they’re struggling due to a lack of. Compare Plus on the PS3 and PS4. PS3 in the past has had Assassin’s Creed (various versions), InFAMOUS (various versions), Borderlands 1 + 2, Mass Effect 3 and various other big names. It will come to that stage eventually with the PS4

  • jaysub

    crap game,was rubbish on ps3.SUCKSSS!!!

  • Starkiller Lord

    this suck’s i was waiting for payday 2 and the 1st dark souls since the 2nd is coming

  • Nik

    Already had Dead Nation on Ps3 from back when Sony was hacked
    This is a poor offering for March if true.

  • Abdullah

    Wait ! is this info for the US or EU PS + ??

    • mohammad


  • bob

    Yeah Deadnation was a great game… great co-op gameplay.. also weapons and armor can be fully upgraded and money you collect in the game… top game.. no as scary as outlast but better in most aspects

  • BS Raider

    Brothers was already released as a free game. This post smells like BS.

    • joselrl

      not on europe

  • Me

    I just brought tomb raider on ps4 🙁 oh well I’m not on my ps3 much anyway.

  • Heath Hill

    dead nation was way better than outlast!, not that out last is bad its not, just dead nations way better and sure hope the rumour is true (plus it has a platinum, sumthing outlast clda done with!)

    • Abdullah

      Yeah i Agree Outlast could have used a Platinum trophy ! like come on some games like Trine 2 has only 12 Trophies and the platinum is #13, they could have done it finish chapter 1 , 2 , 3 ………. and finish the whole game / collect all…. / finish the game on —— difficulty