Nexus 8 form decided by lovers of 7

By Matt Tran - Feb 20, 2014

A few days back we touched on the popularity of the Nexus 7 and how it won’t be discontinued once a potential Nexus 8 arrives. Many Nexus 7 owners have had their say and highlighted their wishes for the future of Google’s Android tablets. The general feeling is that the form factor of the Nexus 7 should not be increased, but an extra inch should be added to the screen size.

Several Product Reviews readers have commented that it is the portability factor of the Nexus 7 which makes it so desirable, fitting into your pocket unlike larger tablets. Some Nexus owners believe that the 7 and 8 should coexist; however a small majority do not want to see a Nexus 8 at all as they feel that the 7 is just perfect.

As we mentioned, many Nexus fans would love the form factor of the 7 to remain as it is because in their opinion it is ideal. In regards to making the screen bigger, users would like to see the 7 inch become an 8 by reducing the size of the bezels and widening the display.

2014 Nexus 8 vs. iPad mini practicality over Nexus 7

The increase to the size of the screen would give the feel of a Nexus 8 but would not compromise the fan favorite form factor. The tablet is commonly used for entertainment such as video, gaming, internet browsing and reading so it is important to give the best possible experience without changing the core elements of the device too much.

Nexus 7 voted best Android tablet in 2013

Fans of the Nexus 7 have also fired some criticism towards Google for underselling the device due to poor advertising. Some owners feel that the brilliant tablet could have been even bigger if Google had put more effort into TV ads and stopped trying to keep the tablet quiet. Do you feel that a better job could have been done with Nexus 7 awareness or does it make the device feel more exclusive somewhat?

Let us know your thoughts on the potential release of a Nexus 8 beside the 7. Do you feel that Google should increase the size of the screen without spoiling the form factor of the Nexus 7?

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  • I recently got a new Nexus 7, and I have to say I much prefer the Nexus to iPad. It’s a much nicer form factor even compared to the iPad mini. I wouldn’t want the dimensions of the device to change at all. You can easily get either an 8″ screen at 16:10 or even an 8.6″ screen at 16:9 (but the bezels would be very small). I don’t like the box sized iPad screens anymore. Nexus has the perfect AR for watching movies/TV shows and reading.

  • Will KomnScentz

    I would hope that Google will make a truly BIGGER screen, not a TALLER screen, which throws of the feel even more. If I’m going to do that, then I’d rather have a Samsung Galaxy Mega, or Note III, and only carry one device.

  • Will KomnScentz

    totally agree with Jae Park! I would buy a nexus 8 tomorrow if it were more box sized as the Ipad Mini, and less narrow. I dont have a need for a giant tablet, but I don’t have a desire for a narrow one either…I love the size of the Ipad mini. I get a keyboard that I cant type fast enough on, without making so many mistakes with my, “fat, little fingers.” I can also read it withou zooming all the time, or using a microscope.

  • Jae Park

    No, please increase the size of the tablet like iPad mini. Who cares about whether you can put it in your pocket or not? Owners of 7 should not dictate how 8 should be…it’s a different model in a new target market area..

    • park jee

      Are you sure noone cares about size? I have a nexus 7 and I love it because of its portability. It even fits in my jeans! Also the width is perfect to hold by one hand, so I would say Google please make a bigger screen on the same size!

      • Jae Park

        If you want a 7-inch tablet, go buy a nexus 7. Not everyone cares about the portability of it. The reason WHY I didn’t buy a Nexus 7 was because it was too small. So if Google only increases the screen on the same size, google won’t get customers like me who want a bigger tablet. On the other hand, if google increased the size, it would still attract customers like you

        • Will Komn Scentz

          I like the way Jae Park feels. Its the same feeling I have towards the Iphone. Everybody in my family has an Iphone, but I will not venture into the Iphone until they give us a bigger screen size that’s WIDER too. Same goes for here. Everything that Apple makes is box shaped, except the Iphone. I don’t care if i only need one hand to wrap all the way around the device, I want to be able to see more. Same for the Nexus 7. I bought one of the original Nexus 7’s, and loved everything about it. So, I sold it, and went without a tablet device. Googles Nexus 10 and 5 have a decent heighth to width ratio, but the Nexus 7 got even more narrow. I could pack that many pixels on my tablet too, if I kept shrinking the screen size and calling it the same thing. Go taller AND wider, and keep your 16:9 ratio, and keep your pixel density, and your price down, and you will crush the Ipad Mini (and for goodness sake, MARKET the thing)