New Dark Souls 2 trailer, PC release date soon

By Matt Tran - Feb 20, 2014

For fans eagerly awaiting the launch of Dark Souls 2, we have great news for you. Not only has a new Dark Souls 2 trailer surfaced in the last day, we have the release date for the game on PS3 and Xbox 360 with a PC release date being revealed very soon.

Dark Souls 2 will be available for the current gen consoles in the US on March 11th, launching in Europe on March 14th. A PC release will follow shortly after with a confirmed date said to be very close. The action RPG developed by ‘From Software’ is the sequel to the original Dark Souls which launched back in 2011.

We have embedded the new trailer for you below which gives an inspirational message to potential adventurers: “This isn’t about Death. This is about your determination. This is about what you learn from death. This is about doing what you were meant to do.”

We previewed some outfits and weapons from the game for you last week, so check them out if you plan on playing the game. It is a shame that Dark Souls 2 will not be coming to the PS4 or Xbox One, at least it gives PS3 and Xbox 360 players an extra reason to value their console though.

Will you be buying Dark Souls 2 when it releases in March?

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