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Minecraft Rebel Rival mod with Hunger Games

Minecraft fans are once again in for a big treat now, as we have some awesome gameplay to show you, revealing the exciting Minecraft Rebel Rival mod. It’s based on the popular Minecraft Hunger Games mod and we can tell you that millions of Minecraft fanatics around the world are playing this right now.

If you are a long time player, but have taken a break from the game, you may want to jump back into Minecraft this month as the Minecraft Rebel Rival servers are one of the most popular around at the moment.

To give you an example of this, just check out the hilarious video which we have added below. It was uploaded just a few days ago, but already has well over 1 million views on YouTube – just to give you an idea how popular and insane this mod is right now.

Those of you who regularly watch Minecraft gameplay videos, show know all about the SkyDoesMinecraft series, so check out the latest video below and let us know your thoughts on the Minecraft Hunger Games Rebel Rival mod.

Is this easily one of the best Minecraft mods available right now, or have you found and are currently playing something better?



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