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Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Vs iPad Air Pencil warfare

Earlier this week we showed you Samsung’s latest cheeky Ad which poked fun of the iPhone 5S and claimed that it wasn’t comparable to their own Galaxy Note 3 handset. Now, Samsung are up to similar tricks by releasing another new 2014 Ad which showcases the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Vs iPad Air tablet.

We saw an epic battle between the two tech giants, both in the legal side of things and a cat and mouse game when it came to TV ads as well. Now, it looks like Samsung has made the first move of 2014 by specifically targeting the iPad Air for attack.

In their latest Ad, Samsung has made a mockery of Apple’s now infamous ‘pencil ad’ which you can see below. The main objective is to highlight the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and put emphasis on the fact that it is even thinner than the iPad Air, according to Samsung.

Samsung doesn’t stop there though, as they also go on to say that the HD display on the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is of a higher quality than the iPad Air and that it can achieve proper multitasking by doing two things on the screen at once – with split screen not possible on the iPad Air as of yet.

Samsung isn't a fan of Apple's pencil ad.
Samsung isn’t a fan of Apple’s pencil ad.

Is it a case of two victories in one week for Samsung after the Lebron James Ad, or do you think Samsung are perhaps taking it a little too far and personal in their attacks against Apple?

Samsung says that ‘the next big thing is here’ with the Galaxy Tab Pro, but what do you say about this? Take a look at the Ad below and also take a look at Apple’s original ‘pencil’ ad which we’ve included below too.



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