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Galaxy Note 3 Vs iPhone 5S Slam dunk

Samsung really knows how to ruffle a few feathers it seems, as we can tell you that a storm is coming. Samsung USA has released a new Ad, putting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs the iPhone 5S in new showdown.

It features none other than Miami Heat superstar Lebron James and it’s actually a very well-thought out Ad we have to say. Regardless of which side you support, nobody can argue that this isn’t a very funny Ad from Samsung – we thought it was hilarious.

Apple won’t be too happy about it though and we can already predict that they are plotting a counter-attack as we speak. Samsung has attempted to draw attention to the 5.7-inch full HD display on the Note 3, by saying that the 4-inch iPhone 5S in comparison does not have a full HD display.

In Samsung’s own words from the Ad: “5.7-inches of high definition HD, or 4.0-inches of non HD. The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a handy little S-Pen, but no S-Pen hiding in this other phone – believe me, I’ve checked.”

Samsung calls it a complete mismatch between the two.
Samsung calls it a complete mismatch between the two.

Samsung then goes on to tout the customization abilities of the Galaxy Note 3, by cropping stills from video and then sending them off to friends without hassle. Not before calling the battle with the iPhone 5S – a ‘serious mismatch’.

Ouch, round one of the 2014 Ad war between Samsung Vs Apple goes to Samsung. We wait Apple’s response with increased enthusiasm. Give us your reaction to the Ad below.



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