2014 FIFA World Cup necessity for PS4, Xbox One

- Feb 20, 2014

Hearing about the 2014 FIFA World Cup video game would make many PS4 and Xbox One owners look for a release date on their chosen platform, but as many of our gamer readers know, it looks like the new consoles won’t be taken advantage of for a 2014 World Cup football game.

This is a massive disappointment for Product Reviews and many of its readers, especially after spending many hours hands-on with FIFA 14 on Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. The improvements to graphics and gameplay really show on the next-gen consoles, so why would you want to step back to PS3 and Xbox 360 to play the 2014 FIFA World Cup video game?

Millions sell consoles to purchase PS4, Xbox One – it is also true that millions of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners sold their consoles a few months back, and this was due to the fact they needed the money to buy an Xbox One or PS4. This is another reason why some football fans will miss out on playing the EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup game.


How necessary do you think it was for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil video game to release on all platforms? Or at least, do you think the PS4 and Xbox One should have seen a version, especially considering some people sold their PS3 and Xbox 360? We hope that EA Sports wise up to the fact that some DLC should be offered at least.

While every gamer is not football crazy, millions like to get involved when the World Cup starts and 2014 is no different. We love playing the FIFA World Cup games and sadly it looks like the new consoles might need to wait another 4 years before they see a dedicated World Cup game.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the lack of a 2014 FIFA World Cup video game on PS4 and Xbox One. You can see the release date for the game in the image above, or take a look at an official iPhone and Android app in another article.

Will you be missing out on playing the FIFA World Cup game in 2014 thanks to upgrading to the latest games console?

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  • Shame_Really

    I am really disappointed with this result. I was looking forward to playing on the FIFA 14 world cup PS4 game. I guess that dream will never come true 🙁

  • Dev Anand

    I will never by the game now as ea wankers sport have broke my heart hope they get bank crupt

  • Rishi

    Is there gonna be one for ps4 what’s fut how’s this gonna work

  • Disgruntled_gamer

    They say the reason is because not enough people who play these games own a next gen console…well, keeping in mind I don’t have a PS3 anymore as I sold to buy a PS4 that’s £39.99 of mine they won’t be getting. I’m sure there are many people who feel the same. Having said this, they won’t be seeing another £££ of mine unless FIFA 15 is a massive improvement. Graphics, gameplay, AI and presentation a must!!

  • matric

    EA are disgusting, never have i raged so much in my life, they created the worst game in fifa history (talking about 13 & 14), its so scripted whether you’re playing online or offline. I spent so much money on 13 FUT and then there were problems with FUT (I didn’t play it for 4 months) and EA didn’t bother to take it into further investigation as a lot of people had the same problem, one day a person asked for help on the forums and got no answers but also replies to having the same problem, he then ended up finding the answer, EA didn’t do anything about it.

    But one thing I’ll support EA on is the reason to not making the world cup on new gen consoles as they said last gen users are still the highest and new gen are still developing.If the World Cup is the same load of crap 13 & 14 were, I’ll never buy a fifa game again!

  • Will

    Fifa 13 had big advancment, Fifa 14 in total has been a disappointment, I don’t see a huge difference in gameplay from 13. Ive played online pro alot, let down that EA allowed a catch up feature in that mode…Didn’t see much about World Cup….looking forward to watching but I didn’t download the last one…waste of money in my eyes for the same game, if offered for a $9.99 dlc I might think about it, but not another $59.99…I hope the development is advancing for 15, if no big playing improvement it will be the last of fifa for me.

  • Sean

    I mainly purchased PS4 for this coming World Cup to play FiFA World Cup 14 on my PS4. EA lost my vote and also my friends vote since we all mainly purchased PS4 for this coming World Cup to play FIFA World Cup 14!

  • Ronald McDonald

    I’ve only got back in to FIFA (from PES) after playing the Xbox One version and would love to see an XBO version of FIFA World Cup 14. It all comes to down to how much it would cost them to create the PS4/XBO version against how much they think they would make, and I guess EA don’t think it’s worth the hassle, shame! 🙁