Whatsapp Facebook privacy fears reaction

Just hours ago, we broke the news to you about the Whatsapp Facebook buyout for an unprecedented $19 billion USD. Now, we have some reaction to give you, from social users who are worried about the inevitable Whatsapp Facebook privacy repercussions.

While Facebook has reassured fans that the core Whatsapp experience will remain the same, the skeptics are already coming out to play, with the hot topic being about privacy.

Facebook and the term privacy is always a heated debate, but add Whatsapp into the mix which was already a haven for security-free chat and you can perhaps see why some consumers are initially feeling uneasy about the deal.

It will be very interesting to see what changes are made to the day to day Whatsapp business model, whether Facebook will use their new found status to insert changes that they believe will take Whatsapp to even higher heights.

As we wait for these inevitable changes to come, we bring you some of the first whispers from Twitter on the money-shaking deal:

This user obviously doesn’t like what he has just heard and is already looking to make a quick exit –

General sadness is the next emotion to hit another stricken Twitter user –

Followed by the wave upon wave of messages that are specifically linked to how Whatsapp’s privacy measures will come into play after the Facebook deal –

Do you think that we have anything to worry about with Facebook being in charge? Are you worried that Whatsapp will turn into an app that is laden with Ads when you are in the middle of messaging someone?

Get in touch with us below on your thoughts and whether Facebook can counter the initial fears about privacy on Whatsapp.



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