PS4 vs Xbox One war after resolution differences

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2014

At the end of January, we told you that another Xbox One game may not be able to launch with full 1080p resolution. It is becoming a trend for Microsoft’s console we’re sad to say but now it has been confirmed as fact – Thief on Xbox One will be 900p at launch.

The news has been confirmed by Square-Enix, just before the game is due to release on February 25. It means that Thief PS4 Vs Xbox One will once again have resolution differences, with the PS4 set at 1080p native, and the Xbox One version at 900p, upscaled to 1080p.

It was only a few days ago when we told you that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes would be 720p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4. With another sub-1080p game on Microsoft’s books, should fans start to be a bit worried about their console?

Then again, 900p is by no means a terrible outcome and even Square-Enix has said that ‘you need really good eyes to spot the differences between the two’.

We’re sure some of you are also getting tired with the constant talk on next-gen resolution differences. Should it just be treated as fact that the majority of PS4 games will be running at 1080p, while the Xbox One will be either 720p or 900p?

Let us know if you are bothered by the slight resolution difference or not. We’ve heard gamers say that ‘the war is already over’ between Sony and Microsoft – what do you think about this statement?

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  • Exclu$ivity

    I am just hoping they don’t try to use their cash to buy exclusives because the hardware battle is surely over. The console war, however, is not. They could use their massive cash reserves to buy exclusivity for major titles. Pay to win 🙂 Sony would definitely lose the exclusives battle as MS have a LOT more cash.

    • ShadowsInTheMist

      true, but sony back on the ps3 announced “we will not be held to ransom by developers with exclusives or bringing there game to our console”, as MS started throwing money for Time Based exclusives, devs thought..hmmmm, wonder if we could charge sony to bring our game to there consoles, sony said nope, MS did this inorder to pursuade people to move to there console, personally if they want people to move to there console, then make the better console, the resolution differences is evident that the ps4 is more powerfull, and consistenly due to numerous titles being a lower res on xb1, its not one game but many.

  • I think if 1080p 60fps is the standard of next Gen gaming. There is no reason for Xbox owners to pay the same price for less quality games.

    • Batman8318

      I agree 100% Already paid $100 more for an inferior gaming console now we have to pay the same price for games that aren’t up to the same quality… I hate to say this but I a going to get a PS4 if I can ever find one again…lol

  • lubba

    So if MS brings a new system out that does beyond 1080p in a month, wonder what the ps4 folks gonna say next?

    • NgTurbo

      I’d love to see it lubba. But surely, after all of the hype on the new Xbox One, should it not be at least matching the PS4 in all areas where possible?

      • lubba

        some games on Xbox run 1080p and most don’t. So I’m I missing something.

        • ShadowsInTheMist

          the thing is that the games that run on ps4 @ 1080p are running a lower res on xb1, the difference in resolutions between the consoles show that xb1 is less powerfull, as games consistently run on lower resolutions for the xb1 than ps4, as for a new console, devs dont really like manufacturers changing the hardware producing multiple specs/models as this adds more to the development, optimization cost and time for each game. MS should have got it right to begin with.

        • ShadowsInTheMist

          oh MS wont bring out a new xb1 that can go beyond 1080p, as most TVs only run 1080p, max, and people dont have the money to upgrade to the next higher sets of displays, so its financially a pointles endeavour if they tried, 4k is the next gen., but not until the next gen of consoles, maybe, financial cost of hardware, ivestment to not only improve the visual quality / performance from previous generations + hardware to handle 4k, is way to costly for the console market. lets see what the steam machine has to offer when they finally come to the console market