PS4 1.62 update with YouTube app necessity

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2014

Now that PS4 update 1.61 has gone live this week, are you happy with the update or are you disappointed that Sony didn’t introduce more new features to the system? One of the most anticipated features has still not arrived though we see, with Sony keeping fans waiting for the PS4 YouTube app.

As many gamers are finding out, the PS4 1.61 update does not include a native YouTube app. We’re not sure as to why it is taking so long, but obviously we are hoping that Sony are planning to finally release it with the next PS4 1.62 update.

It’s perhaps more frustrating when you take into consideration that the Xbox One launched with a fully functional YouTube app, so what’s the delay for Sony? The PS3 YouTube app works fine, so is it just not a case of simply transferring the relevant materials over to the new setup?

We can only assume that YouTube are partnering with Sony to make the PS4 YouTube app the best experience it possibly can be on console, and that it could even offer additional functionality not included on the Xbox One version.

Meanwhile, the wait for the app appears to be playing on the minds of consumers who are starting to get tired of waiting:

What are your thoughts on the new update that has just gone live. Are you disappointed that Sony are still keeping you waiting for the native YouTube app?

Let us know what other PS4 1.62 features you would like to see for the next update.

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  • dzikos

    Whats the deley? Hehehe oh silly rabbit. Youtube and google and Microsoft. .they are exclusively connected. Why do you think Microsoft bought skype?
    Of course we will have to wait for the app if we ever get it

  • A Kratos Mondlane

    Honestly i expected more from this update after all complains SONY has been receiving from PS4 users. I feel like nothing changed. What about my PS4 reading Media files from USB devices? What about DLNA? Wtf is going on????

  • VThe_LegendV

    I’d like to see the removal of the HDCP encryption so gamers that like sharing their accomplishments and that enjoy helping out their fellow gamers can do so.

  • Thomas J.

    DLNA is far more important than youtube to me. Sony needs to get on that pronto! No excuse for it not being included in a firmware update yet…

  • syakoob


  • acuntex

    Why should there be an OS update for an app which can be downloaded from the PS store?

  • omar

    I would like to see youtube app and mp3 and skype app

  • John Thomas

    i like to see 3d blurry support,and more ps4 games for plus

  • westsidemoney

    id like to see flash supported in the browser and dlna!!

    • Brandon Taylor

      Flash is being phased-out in favor of HTML5 which the browser is supposed to support.

  • DrThemoWorm

    Two things I’d like to see in the next update — a PS4 YouTube app, and the ability to toggle when my controller powers off so that it’s not draining while I watch a movie or something on Netflix.

    • lol

      But you can turn the controller off now? Aha

      • Jeremy

        Not when watching a Netflix movie, if you turn the controller off, the movie stops.

  • Royalhighn3ss

    I thought I was the only one who thought that way…tablets, phones, laptops, pc’s smart tvs and ps3s all access YouTube….who cares about a YouTube app…let the work on more important and NEW features we haven’t seen b4… YouTube is the least of my worries…if u want a media center go be a Microsoft fanboy or buy a media streamer… Who drops $400 to complain it doesn’t have YouTube…more like y can’t all Bluetooth be supported..or where is DLNA? Or mp3 and external support…but y’all rather watch YouTube huh…priorities man I tell u..smh

  • frankyb

    i’d love to watch media from a flash drive or an external hard drive!

    • Zeed

      ye pises me off i need tu plug my pendrive to tv not ps4…

  • Tom

    The Playstation 3/4 is the center of my entertainment center, and Netflix/YouTube are a huge part of that. Yes, we all know it’s a gaming console, but to restrict your view of the machine to just that is ignorant. It’s so much more than just a gaming console, and that’s the beauty of it. Hoping the YouTube app comes within the next few updates.

    • michael

      Just go on browser abd type you tube it wrks i just did it

      • A Frustrated Customer

        on ps4 it doesn’t because you need Adobe Flash Player and PS4 doesn’t have that

  • Me

    It’s a game console not a youtube console get over it. Besides if the rumours are true it’s taking longer because the app will allow you to upload videos through the share button and create your own videos.

  • fred

    happy. now shhh.. i have 5 devices that can play youtube on my tv but only one power next gen console

    • Khaled Al Gaoud

      Exactly, well said. If you want YouTube, go purchase a laptop or a tablet, this a GAME CONSOLE, not a media hub.


        Where are the games then? If the idea was this to be a powerful gaming console it should’ve launched with more games and had many more out by now. I have killzone and nothing else. Waiting for infamous. Sony dropped the ball. Plus it’s a YouTube app. Should be child’s play…a no brainer.