GTA V 1.10 money glitch offers instant 250k

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2014

We initially thought that Rockstar had managed to stop all money glitches with the recent GTA V 1.10 update. However, it looks like a new method has been found – a GTA V 1.10 unlimited money glitch offering a quick $250k cash boost.

Unlike previous glitches that involved duplicating cars or quickly switching between story and online mode, it looks this is an entirely different way of making money.

We have video evidence showing this to be the case, with YouTuber MegaGamingNonstopTV coming up with this latest one. It involves the player entering an online race, but has a few requirements before it will work – namely needing to be in a crew and needing to have at least $250,000 in your account first before it will work.

Confirmation of the money reaching your account

Confirmation of the money reaching your account

Watch the video though and you’ll see that once you have performed the steps correctly, you’ll get $250,000 instantly just by completing a quick two-lap race.

An image we captured below confirms that this new GTA V 1.10 money cheat works with the latest update, so once again it looks like Rockstar will have to get back to work and make sure this glitch is eliminated before GTA V 1.11 is out.

Confirmation that this glitch works on GTA V 1.10

Confirmation that this glitch works on GTA V 1.10

At the time of writing, this glitch works and appears to be the best way of making quick money in GTA Online at the moment. We are unsure as to how long it will remain working though, so try it for yourself and let us know if it works for you.

We expect Rockstar to fix this as soon as possible, maybe even with a hotfix so you’ve been warned. Don’t forget to check out alleged GTA V Heists gameplay here.

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    Should be banned ? u guys are snitches. Rockstar will never drop the hiest or anything cuz this is a greedy world n all they want is another 66 million on top of the 66 million they have made off of shark cards. WAKE UP. ITs called Grand Theft for a reason. obviously somebody inside rockstars leaves a loop hole in every patch because somebody out there knows this game would be trash if it weren’t for cheats/glitches. I love getting millions online it feels good !

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    Ban them. Ban them all.

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    Is anyone else pissed they bought a broken game?

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