Bioshock PS Vita doubts after Irrational decision

We have some very surprising news to bring you now, and it’s not good reading we’re sad to say. Ken Levine has announced the sudden closure of Irrational Games, which puts the whole future of the popular Bioshock series in doubt.

If you were looking forward to seeing a Bioshock 2015 game on PS4 or Xbox One, that hope now looks to be dead and buried. Perhaps more worryingly though, it now casts a new doubt on whether Bioshock Infinite for the PS Vita will ever release.

The game is already thought to be in development, so with Irrational Games closing, we could see further delays to the game. Levine has said that the majority of staff for the studio will be laid off in the process, but 15 staff will still remain.

At the moment, there’s no guarantee that these 15 staff members will stay and finish up work on the Bioshock Infinite port for PS Vita without Levine’s guidance, but let’s hope we hear some good news soon.

As expected, fans have already shown their shock over the decision, with most immediately turning their thoughts to the missing PS Vita title – a game that we had high hopes on seeing towards the end of 2014.

Some however, remain optimistic that Bioshock will still release on Vita as planned, from Ken Levine and his ‘new team’:

What is your reaction to this, were you expecting to see Bioshock land on PS Vita this year? We’ll update you when we have fresh news on the situation.



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