Xbox One Ryse gains new digital price

By Marlon Votta - Feb 18, 2014

Talk of lower digital prices for titles for the Xbox One is the kind of news gamers want to hear and it seems Microsoft will be test this concept with Ryse: Son of Rome. This is where feedback from consumers asking for more bargains through the digital marketplace has been acknowledged and the first test will involve Ryse.

In a Twitter feed Mike Ybarra the Xbox studio manager highlights the call from gamers suggesting a more reasonable pricing for digital titles, and to try this out Ryse: Son of Rome will be accessible for £35 and $40.

According to Ybarra, “That’s far better than the used price at GameStop and others.” This comes at a time when Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft fans have been demanding lower digital pricing, with Microsoft feeling the brunt of this from gamers. As we take a look at Mike Ybarra‘s Twitter account we can see that he is aware of gamers needs and informs us that they are indeed testing some better deals.

In other relative news we recently documented Ryse: Son of Rome reviews defended, as some tough reviews have been noted in the past with both Crytek and Microsoft defending Ryse giving us reason to believe they feel the Metacritic system is not giving us a fair reflection of their game.

We understand that Ryse was one of the first games out of the block for the Xbox One and plenty of changes have been encountered during development to fit the console requirements. While some feel the game is visually stunning this title has required constant updates, and both Crytek and Microsoft conceive that they could have done better.

Either way they are very proud of this next-gen title, so we would love to know your thoughts on this. Will you be going digital if more games start becoming cheaper?

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  • IndubitablyMe

    I hope this starts a trend. Would love to digitally download some 33% cheaper games that I couldn’t justify purchasing at full retail like DR3 or Forza. I won’t be buying any more disc-based games this generation so having them available (even if for a short time) at a price lower than retail is awesome! Kinda wish I had held out on buying Ryse on launch day… no I don’t — had many fun hours playing that game and don’t regret a thing.