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Titanfall anticipation forces COD Ghosts distraction

Amazon would have surely seen a drop in sales of the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Ghosts over the past few days since the release of the Titanfall beta codes. There is just over a month until its official release and so gamers have been taking full advantage of this early access.

It is for this very reason why we believe this Titanfall anticipation has forced Amazon to come up with a COD Ghosts distraction by offering a price drop – well more like a limited discount really.

SegmentNext has reported that the online retailer has been seeing messages offering a $7 discount for Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One, and as such has sent out the relevant discount code. There is a catch though, as you will only be offered this unique code if you pre-ordered your Xbox One from Amazon at launch.

Currently, the price for the Xbox One version of COD Ghost is $46.99, but once you have applied the discount code you will get it for $39.99. We can’t be too certain if Amazon has done this because of the number of people playing Titanfall beta has led to a drop in Call of Duty Ghosts sales, but it’s certainly a coincidence.

Speaking of Titanfall, we can tell you that there are 15 maps in total, although more will become available via DLC. There is also the hope that the upcoming release of Titanfall could see an increase in Xbox One sales.

Can you see yourself forgetting about Call of Duty Ghosts once Titanfall gets released?



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