Talking Angela cat app stroking in Child Mode

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2014

Following on from our article earlier this week about the Talking Angela cat app, we have some more analysis for you to take a look at now. Some consumers are still unconvinced that the app is completely harmless, despite experts at Sophos and Snopes saying that the Talking Angela game hasn’t done anything wrong.

We have some interesting footage for you to watch though, giving you an idea how Talking Angela works in Child Mode. For those that are not aware, users have the option to ‘stroke’ Angela, which then prompts Angela to react with a voice that some consumers say is ‘creepy’ and makes them feel uncomfortable.

From the many Talking Angela reviews that we’ve seen, most seem to be universal in their praise for the app and the general consensus that the app does not have any sinister undertones to it and definitely does not share personal information, in reference to a recent Talking Angela Facebook hoax.

Stroke Angela to hear a surprise.

Stroke Angela to hear a surprise.

We do however understand that some of you may not like the voices that Angela makes, especially if say you are letting a young child use the app without supervision.

Does the app deserve to be banned though because of this specific action? We don’t think so, and hopefully the app will remain up on the App Store and Google Play for users to download without problems.

Watch the video below and give us your honest opinion on whether you find this offensive or not. The debate is still alive it seems with consumers divided on whether it is actually deemed safe.

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  • Cathy Dinh

    In the video I saw the hacker’s house. Super Creepy….

  • patrick

    The talking angela
    is a lie the person who made it wants to get your info.

  • That One Lady

    People just have dirty minds, I work at a daycare and I didn’t find the video “DISGUSTING” at all. The internet is full of lies. People are also very ignorant. Why do you think technology is taking over the universe…?

  • Erm

    OMFG this annoying me now. It’s real. Of course the makers of the app would say its ok cause it is HACKED. It’s like when a person hacks another’s Instagram or Twitter account but the original owner didn’t give away the account’s password. This is not how the app was made (the app is old) some pervs took control and now this happened. Use your brains people. And there are too many claims for this to be just a “hoax”.

  • Name

    I can see why people think the is creepy especially for their kids & most kids think inappropriately anyways

  • S

    Why can’t it jus purr like a normal cat?! All the laughing n comments are weird don’t like ur for kids

  • caz

    Think this is sick! my disabled daughter would think this is great, WELL ITS NOT! i will be removing all talking apps now!

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      Why, because the internet told you?

      There’s nothing worse than transposing your adult experiences (good and bad) onto what amounts to nothing more than a child’s game.

      Classic case of finding offence for offensiveness’ sake.

  • NgTurbo

    Classic case of social media overreaction I think..